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Art Bead Scene offers a painting each month as a prompt to create beads and jewelry.

The painting this month is Self Portrait  with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, painted by Frida Kahlo in 1940.


So many of Kahlo’s paintings focus on her physical suffering as a result of terrible injuries in a bus accident.

Instead of the suffering I chose to focus on Frida as an Artistic Goddess and created beads and then earrings derived from the Jaguar in the painting. I call the beads Eye of the Jaguar Goddess Beads.

I used my emerald Opal polymer clay and layered it with black and translucent black polymer to create the Eye of the Jaguar Goddesses. They shimmer and reflect light like mineral opals. I topped them with a pair of emerald shaped vintage beads collected in Santa Fe, NM. The pale emerald beads sing with the opal clay.

Here are the earrings:


I am so grateful to Art Bead Scene ( ) for these monthly challenges. I grow so much as an artist as I respond to the challenges.


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Since I was a little girl, gingkoes have been my favorite tree. They line the streets of downtown Washington, DC. Surviving since the dinosaur age, these trees are smog resistant. I pressed some of them for a leaf project for Girl Scouts.

The cane was designed by Lynn Ann Schwartzenberg. When I learned of her work I bought the magazine where the cane appeared on Ebay so I could make it. The pendant is similar to one designed by Kristie Foss. The colors and the earrings are my own. I have grown several gingko trees and I wanted the colors to be similar to real life.

I’m thrilled with how they turned out. I’m going to wear them today. This weekend I am going to try these with wild colors. Watch this space.

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I accepted the challenge of Jeweler/Blogger Jeannie K. Kukic to participate in her 5th Annual Do Over Challenge. (

Jeannie sent me a piece of jewelry she’d made but had never been able to sell. I am to rework it using at least half of the components of the original item.

I’ll be posting my creation on the reveal date, April 21.

I am a minimalist sort of gal. I’ve worn the same simple gold bean at my throat for the last 35 years! I am rather overwhelmed by the task of creating something from these pieces! But I am already playing with them, moving them around, figuring out how six of these circles can go into a pair of earrings to go with the re-created necklace.

If I make earrings out of six of the rings, I only have to use 9 more of the rings in my design!

I am scared but I am courageous. I can do this.

Stay tuned.

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