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Every month Erin Prais Hintz of Earrings Everyday ( gives us a challenge to make earrings according to the theme of the month.

This month she gave us art prints of tide pools as our inspiration.

My first pair of earrings, above, was created using the Mokume Gane technique, derived from an ancient Japanese sword making scheme. The “white bubbles” are wonderfully translucent on sunny days.


My second pair used the same clay, but I manipulated it according to Lynda Mosley’s controlled marbling technique.


The third pair used the same clay again. This time I punched small circles from the clay and added denim colored button pearls.

I enjoyed making these. They will become a Christmas gift for my beautiful blue-eyed sister-in-law. Shhhh!


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In the last two weeks this pendant from my Etsy shop has been treasured THREE TIMES.

I feel so honored.

The pendant is faux Sodalite. The blue clay is a mixture of nine different blue clays. The white areas are translucent with thin bands of opaque white.  I added my signature window and attached tiny chains with AAA freshwater pearls.

The Treasuries are:

“A Saturday Winter Pageant” by Del Carmen:

“Sodalite Pendants” by Angela Klawitter:

“Winter Serenity” by Lisa:

You can view my Sodalite Pendant here:

The image on my Etsy shop has a lot more detail than the image above.

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In a recent post I mentioned studying Alice Stroppel’s innovative technique for using scrap clay, cane ends and old canes to build beautiful new canes.

I harvested the trimmings from my Cherry Blossom necklace to make the pink necklace and earrings, above. I used pale Premo “18K Gold” sheets to put my scraps on, instead of the black that Alice uses. The clay trimmings were all translucent and I wanted this pendant and earrings to pass light freely. I used some apricot freshwater pearls to push the pinky-orange theme. I built a tiny armature inside of the pendant to hold the pearls.

I made the blue necklace from the trimmings of my barflies, using blue clay sheets. The wing cane put bubbles of white-rimmed translucent clay all through the new cane. That inspired me to use oval pearls to echo the translucent ovals in the cane.

I am tickled at how they turned out.

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