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My mother, Ethel Delaney, worked at NASA Goddard, just outside of DC.

After Apollo 11, which put men on the moon, Spock and Kirk came to NASA Goddard to thank the employees for their help with the mission.

Spock put a gold-plated charm of the lunar lander into Mother’s hand. She was thrilled to the point of speechlessness (not a usual condition for her!) ¬†She gave the charm to me and I cherished it. I planned to give it to my own future child.

It was not to be. I lost my little lunar lander charm in a house fire shortly before I became pregnant with my daughter.

Years later, I was able to obtain a modern version of the LEM from the Space Store and give it to her.

On the day that Spock died, February 27, 2015, I went online to find a photo of the charm to post on Facebook with the story of Mom and Spock. To my delight, one of the original charms was available from an Etsy shop!! I ordered it.

The charm has been very well loved. It looks like it was worn every single day.

I made this pair of earrings using it. The left earring has four little chains, echoing the feet of the LEM.

I wear the earrings with this necklace and bracelet, which have the same color of Swarovski crystals in them, along with dozens of other beads including two sizes of citrine; three types of vintage beads that I collected in Santa Fe; Swarovski pearls in two shades of gold; Swarovski rondelles in three shades of gold; a beaded bead from Barcelona; a few deep beige cats eye beads and some two-toned, sun face beads.


I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have my “Spock charm” back!


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I entered this pendant in the Polyform Facebook July Challenge. The theme was Rose Gold.

I have won a selection of Polyform products as my prize.

I am so humbled and honored. The other entries were so fine.

I use Polyform’s Premo polymer clay for almost all of my work. The clay is easy to work with and cures to a very strong state.

I made this pendant from the trimmings of the beads for my Cherry Blossom necklace. I created a translucent Stroppel cane, based on the innovative techniques of Alice Stroppel.

This clay must be magic. The Cherry Blossom necklace was featured on Craft Gossip and now the derivative pendant has won a wonderful prize.

My friend, Archana Lyer, also of the North Texas Polymer Clay Guild, won the prize for her jewelry last month. I am grateful to her for encouraging me to enter this contest.

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I made this pendant in response to a challenge from Polyform, the maker of the polymer clay that I use almost exclusively, Premo Sculpey. The theme was “Rose Gold”.

I used a fascinating technique called mica shift to make this pendant. The shine in metallic and pearl clays is from particles of a mineral, mica. When you roll the mica-ed clay through the pasta machine repeatedly, the shiny side of the mica lines up with the two exterior surfaces of the sheet of clay, leaving the dark, unshiny side of the particles “inside” the clay. I used a special blade to cut through the slab of rolled clay, then put the slice through the pasta machine again. The impression of the blade stayed on the surface, even though it was now shiny-flat. Some call this effect “ghost shift”.

I finished the pendant with apricot pearls on tiny chains.


I made a second pendant, a simple, classic oval, using a different blade. Again it has the illusion of great depth, while being perfectly flat and polished to a glassy finish.

Did I mention that I love polymer clay?

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