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My mother, Ethel Delaney, worked at NASA Goddard, just outside of DC.

After Apollo 11, which put men on the moon, Spock and Kirk came to NASA Goddard to thank the employees for their help with the mission.

Spock put a gold-plated charm of the lunar lander into Mother’s hand. She was thrilled to the point of speechlessness (not a usual condition for her!) ¬†She gave the charm to me and I cherished it. I planned to give it to my own future child.

It was not to be. I lost my little lunar lander charm in a house fire shortly before I became pregnant with my daughter.

Years later, I was able to obtain a modern version of the LEM from the Space Store and give it to her.

On the day that Spock died, February 27, 2015, I went online to find a photo of the charm to post on Facebook with the story of Mom and Spock. To my delight, one of the original charms was available from an Etsy shop!! I ordered it.

The charm has been very well loved. It looks like it was worn every single day.

I made this pair of earrings using it. The left earring has four little chains, echoing the feet of the LEM.

I wear the earrings with this necklace and bracelet, which have the same color of Swarovski crystals in them, along with dozens of other beads including two sizes of citrine; three types of vintage beads that I collected in Santa Fe; Swarovski pearls in two shades of gold; Swarovski rondelles in three shades of gold; a beaded bead from Barcelona; a few deep beige cats eye beads and some two-toned, sun face beads.


I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have my “Spock charm” back!


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I stepped outside into the dark. The air felt wonderfully cool after our scorching summer.

The moon was high and bright, almost overhead. I saw my dear Orion near the moon.

My moonshadow was a compass before me as I strode eastward down the street.

As I approached the light pole on the corner my moonshadow faded and was replaced by an opposite-pointing street-light-shadow. I did my stretching against the light pole and then more stretching against the huge rock on the corner.

The edge of the sky lightened to pink as first light came.

By the time I rounded the block a lovely pink and grape horsetail shone in the eastern sky.

There are so many “best time”s of the year. This is surely one of them.

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Walking tonight at sundown in 94 degrees felt like a blessing. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been unable to walk outside if it is 100 degrees, even at sundown.

There was a slight breeze and the air felt soft.

In the west I watched a molten copper sun sink behind the trees, shining brightly in an ever changing way as it moved through the tree branches.

When I turned the corner and headed back towards home I saw the almost full moon (it will be full tomorrow) rising through thin blue clouds which were the same dusky color as the lunar mountains.

I still wear my Fitbit pedometer wherever I go. I am still crazy about the way it measures what I do right and pats me on the back via email. It never criticizes me.

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Earthshine is the lovely dim light we see on the surface of the moon when the moon is not full.

In the moon photo above you can see the bright crescent of the sun’s light reflected from the moon. The rest of the moon’s surface is illuminated by the sun’s light bouncing off of the Earth onto the moon.

I made this polymer clay pendant to honor that beautiful phenomena.

I added pearlescent clay to every  color of clay and ran each color through my pasta machine ten times to align the mica particles so that they would reflect light. It worked. The piece has wonderful iridescence.

I tinted translucent clay for the Earthshine portion and that part has wonderful translucence as well.

I am going to wear it to church this morning.

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