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Art Bead Scene ( ) offered a wonderful leafy challenge this month. Click on the url to see this month’s challenge.

I used beads from five countries and three continents in my response to the challenge. UK, US, Norway, Czechoslovakia and Ghana. North America, Europe and Africa.

The focal beads were gifted to me by Petra of Scorched Earth (UK) with an order I placed with her. They started out as white porcelain. I painted them with black acrylic, then dry brushed them with interference violet and interference green. I used my embossing gun to cure the paint between colors. I have my embossing gun hanging from my gooseneck lamp so it is always at the ready.

I used two bright purple disks made from my opal polymer clay, one in each earring. One is much thinner than the other. (US)

The grape colored bead is lamp work by Yulia Hollund of Norway, gifted to me with an order of her beads.

I used amethyst beads and Czech beads in both earrings.

The right-hand earring has a green artisan bead from Ghana. The artisan used recycled glass and made the hole with a piece of straw, which burned away in the kiln.

I have been strongly drawn to asymmetrical earrings of late and this challenge gave me the chance to give myself the chance to let loose with asymmetry.


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I LOVE a challenge and I’ve been watching eagerly for the new December Art Bead Scene Challenge to be posted.

This time we were to interpret a Wassily Kadinsky painting, Winter Landscape. One of the leaders of the group broke out the colors Kadinsky used in the painting for us.


The challenge was to create a piece of jewelry using some of these hues.

I had some gorgeous ¬†blue ceramic beads that I’d won from Art Bead Scene by Sarah Kandell-Gritzmaker of SlateStudioSupply via Etsy.

In October, when I was in Santa Fe, I shopped at Ritual Adornments, a bead shop. I picked out some vintage beads that I thought might one day be used with Sarah’s ceramic beads.

Now was my chance.

I created a bracelet using four of Sarah’s beads, a Winter Seascape. The clay body she used was a warm peachy tan and it peeked through the dark blue glaze she’d applied. Two of the vintage beads were an iridescent navy with the same yellow overtones seen in Kandinsky‘s work. Two more vintage beads, in teal, had a copper glaze on the ends. I put the bracelet together using bright copper wire, to enhance the peachy tans, and used part of a bright copper clasp to make Sarah’s ring component work as part of the clasp.

As always, I had a blast with the challenge.

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