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Sunday our parched region experienced an all day rain. I walked in it for an hour at dawn, and again after church. This rose caught my eye as I hunted for micropuddles in old downtown Plano, TX.

Micropuddles fascinate me. They exist in liminal space: at the threshold of a new experience. They contain shining truths and epiphanies.

I hover over each one and imagine diving into another universe.

Join me!

This micropuddle shone in an old stone sidewalk:


I found this micropuddle in a magnolia leaf:


This one was on top of a rock wall:


These lovely geometric shapes formed in a brick sidewalk:


This oval shimmered in stone steps near a wall fountain silenced by the drought:



And finally, a micropuddle shining in stone stairs dating to Plano pioneer times.












Last week I was in the Hall Office Park in Frisco, Texas taking photos of micropuddles. I found this shovel, handle-less and covered in concrete and rust. I filled its bowl with water and took its portrait.

This week I returned and the shovel was still there. I claimed it as my own.

It rained all day Sunday. After church I took the shovel to my own office park and took it’s portrait in various poses.

Here it is gratefully receiving the runoff from a storm drain:



On some blooming monkey grass:


Atop a holly bush:


Embraced by Asian jasmine:


On Colorado River rocks:


Under a crepe myrtle:


And on a bed of lantana:


I now keep the shovel on the front seat of my car. I keep a jug of water in the car at all times so that I can take its portrait when promising venues present themselves.

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One day last year I found a micro-puddle in a stone step at the Fort Wort Japanese Garden. I felt like I could dive into it, into another universe. Here is a photo of it:


I have continued to look for and photograph micro-puddles. I found this one when leaving the Dallas Arboretum one day last spring:


I found this puddle last week in Eureka Springs, Arkansas when leaving Thorncrown Chapel:



I found this micro-puddle in a downtown sidewalk in Eureka Springs:



I visited a meditation center in Eureka Springs and got the next three photos:






This puddle was on a storm drain the morning after rain last week. It reflects buttermilk clouds:


I found this micro-puddle in a sidewalk near my house. The wide end of the puddle still holds part of the wood that shaped it:


My neighbor’s sprinklers don’t reach his boulders, so the yellow and black lichen on them is free to flourish:



This morning when I visited a sculpture garden nearby I was walking along a retaining wall made of huge limestone rectangles, in search of micro-puddles. In the dirt beside them I found a cement covered shovel with no handle. It was so camouflaged by its coating that I am sure it had lain there for years, unseen by maintenance. I laid the shovel on a limestone block and poured water into its bowl. You can see the dawn clouds reflected in the water.:



Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed my portraits of the micro-puddles that have fascinated me. Maybe one will transport you to a new world!




Fifty years ago I heard the anguished voice of our high school Vice Principal, Mr. Hughes, come over the loudspeaker and say that the President had been assassinated.

President Kennedy‘s body was returned to DC that same day. Two days later his coffin lay “in state” in the Capitol Rotunda.

My friend, Sooty and I decided to go and pay our respects.

We took several busses from our neighborhood in suburban Maryland to get there.

We were in a line that stretched six blocks along East Capitol Street. It was 40 degrees and drizzling, but we were determined. It was hours before we could view his coffin.

While we waited, Sooty told me that she felt like screaming. I encouraged her to scream, which she did.

Probably everyone else in line wanted to scream, too.

Finally, it was our turn. We mounted the marble steps leading to the East front of the Capitol. We could hear the flag, at half mast, whipping in the cold wind as we ascended.

The rotunda was hushed. The honor guard had members from every branch of the service. We paid our respects and felt grateful for our brief chance to get warm again.

We didn’t say a word on the journey back home.

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I got an email from my Fitbit One that I had walked 250 miles since June 1!

I am very pleased to learn this and grateful  for the random emails Fitbit sends me about my achievements.

I have enjoyed walking outside. I love the plants and animals I see and the clouds and sky and moon. And the sunsets and sunrises.

I bought a headlamp to try for walking in the dark. I have spent the last few months memorizing the pavement on my block. Streetlights are strategically places so I can see uneven pavement.

Wish me luck on my second 250 miles!

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Today my daughter and I had a wonderful adventure. We both wanted to see the cheetah cubs that the Dallas Zoo is raising, and we wanted to try a nearby cafe that is a tradition in South Dallas.

When we entered the zoo, we saw a carousel. We love carousels and ride any one we can find. Apparently it is in our blood. When we go to DC we ride the same one that my mother rode when she was a girl. My daughter rode an ostrich and I rode an okapi.

We visited the African exhibit and when the time to see the cheetah cubs came, we moseyed over to the area.


The twin cubs, Kamau and Winspear, were amazingly cute, as you can see for yourself. They are being raised with a black lab puppy, Amani (which means peace in Swahili). He is  just their age and the hope is that the puppy will help gentle the cheetah brothers down. We were very sad that the puppy was not present!

You can see a video of the cubs and the puppy here:

Then on to Norma’s Cafe, a South Dallas Institution that had not been on our radar until recently. We asked our waitress to bring our “mile high” slice of coconut cream pie right away, lest they run out of it. It was so fetching that we began to eat it while we waited for our meal. The pie was divine, still a little warm from the oven. I ordered a serving of the home made potato chips to go with my battered cheese sticks. Words cannot convey how delicious and right the chips were. I could not finish either the cheese sticks or the chips.

Later, I will preheat the oven to 500 degrees, along with my baking pan. When they are up to temperature I will add the cheese sticks and a few moments later the home fries.

(I will take this opportunity to offer a tip for reheating fries in a hospital room or a hotel room: blast them with your hair dryer!)

The oven will do for today’s reheating.

Stuffed, with leftovers in boxes, we eased into the car and drove home.

My Fitbit says I’ve walked 5266 steps so far today and that I’ve gone up three flights of stairs. Yes!

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I stepped outside into the dark. The air felt wonderfully cool after our scorching summer.

The moon was high and bright, almost overhead. I saw my dear Orion near the moon.

My moonshadow was a compass before me as I strode eastward down the street.

As I approached the light pole on the corner my moonshadow faded and was replaced by an opposite-pointing street-light-shadow. I did my stretching against the light pole and then more stretching against the huge rock on the corner.

The edge of the sky lightened to pink as first light came.

By the time I rounded the block a lovely pink and grape horsetail shone in the eastern sky.

There are so many “best time”s of the year. This is surely one of them.

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