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Are you feeling at the end of your rope?

My dear, late friend Fr. Al Durrance used to say this: God can always be found at the end of your rope.

Al had been in the healing ministry for 56 years when he passed last July. He brought me into that ministry in 1994 and I have been privileged to see many miracles because he “got” me that day at the National meeting in Ft. Worth. He waived the “entrance” requirements for the Oder of St. Luke the Physician and inducted me on the spot. I think he knew that I would do all of the required things. I did. In fact, I have taught the course on the healing miracles of Jesus eight times already.

I made these earrings from translucent polymer clay that I kissed gently with silver/granite clay and bronze clay. Only the tiniest bit of each.

I made the silicone molds from a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. The mold for the back is just folds of his habit. See below.

I painted the recesses of the clay ovals with a silver paint and the high points with a gleaming micaceous paint.

They are gorgeous. Below you can see the “back” of one on the left.


They are available in my Etsy shop as a special order. I can do them with hints of silver, pale gold, gold, copper or bronze in the clay. I can put in gray mica or gleaming colorless mica. Or both. I can paint the recesses with silver, gold, copper or bronze. I can paint the high spots with a super thin layer of mica in red, orange, blue, green or violet. I can use wires and lever backs to match the metallic color you have chosen to tint the clay body.

I’d be glad to make a pair for you. I can have them ready to ship within three days.


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The October Art Bead Scene Challenge was based on a painting, “Autumn” by Milton Avery.

autumn-1944 Milton Avery

I made a sincere effort to create some beads from polymer that “went with” this challenge. I designed a necklace with 18 polymer beads and Swarovski pearls. Each bead seemed like a good idea at the time. They didn’t work, although I admit that I learned a lot about the clay in making them.


Back to the drawing board. I had some beaded beads from Diana Costa Pedret from her Etsy shop Dicopebisuteria in Bacelona, Spain. You might have seen them in the previous post. I originally used the “blackberry” beads in a pendant, but they tangled terribly. So that is how the blackberry beads ended up in this challenge piece. I am not entirely happy with the rhythm of the piece and plan a slight restring of the necklace.

Blackberry Winter picks up the blues, magentas, whites and golds in the challenge painting.

I had fun with it. I have worn the necklace several times and have received compliments on it each time.

See the challenge and a collage of the entries at

You can also see the entries at

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Last week I was in the Hall Office Park in Frisco, Texas taking photos of micropuddles. I found this shovel, handle-less and covered in concrete and rust. I filled its bowl with water and took its portrait.

This week I returned and the shovel was still there. I claimed it as my own.

It rained all day Sunday. After church I took the shovel to my own office park and took it’s portrait in various poses.

Here it is gratefully receiving the runoff from a storm drain:



On some blooming monkey grass:


Atop a holly bush:


Embraced by Asian jasmine:


On Colorado River rocks:


Under a crepe myrtle:


And on a bed of lantana:


I now keep the shovel on the front seat of my car. I keep a jug of water in the car at all times so that I can take its portrait when promising venues present themselves.

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I had the most extraordinary day yesterday, devoid of desire, obedient in heart and mind and will.

It started with a dream that I had died but that I was allowed to stay here in the flesh for 24 more hours.

I have always said that I was living my life in a way that I was always ready to move on to the next life. I found, yesterday, that this was true. I made sure that my daughter was aware of my “will” and suchlike, but except for that I hovered in quiet obedience to each moment.

It is interesting to me that yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, one of two days each year that the earth is inclined neither toward nor away from the sun. I spent the day inclined neither toward nor away from the next life. The earth and I were at the same place in our journeys.

I had a Near Death Experience at the end of my fifth year of life. I visited Heaven briefly and have been left with a strong homesickness for that place. I have no fear of death. Yesterday was a test of my obedience of heart, mind and will; obedience to stay here in peace until my mission is accomplished.

I’m still here. Life is good.

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Today my daughter and I went on our annual herb shopping expedition.

First though, we went to an Asian fusion restaurant, Mint, for lunch. The restaurant’s walls are emerald green, apropos of St. Patrick’s Day. Even the chopsticks are emerald green. I had Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp and tofu.  My daughter had three kinds of basil on her shopping list, so, of course she ordered Basil Chicken.  After a wonderful meal we headed to a nearby plant nursery.

I found the opal basil I was looking for. I love its dark purple leaves. It makes the most beautiful basil vinegar; it looks like rose wine. I got the last plant. I’ll have to root some for her herb garden when my opal basil gets bigger.  My daughter found the two other basils she wanted.

We ended visiting four nurseries in all. We found everything except her lemon grass. I ordered some from Amazon on my iPhone when she came out of the last nursery empty-handed.

I am grateful for the time spent with my daughter, for the meal we shared and for our 2013 herb gardens.

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Some months ago I saw a blue tassel toggle necklace in a catalog. For $690!!!!! I don’t wear blue and I wasn’t interested in spending that kind of money. I went to my rock shop and got a strand of peridots for $17. I already had the dainty toggle, the chain and the green silk. I knotted the peridots onto the silk and affixed them to the toggle. I made a tassel with more of the peridots and some fine GF chain.

I am tickled with how it came out.

I wore it to church this morning to pinch-proof myself on St. Patrick’s Day. To be extra sure to be pinch-proof I wore ankle-high green socks with my black pantsuit.

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This year I found myself aching with happiness over the coming of spring. I knew just which yards  had daffodils and where all of the peach trees are. I followed the progress of the Bradford pear buds and of the cherry trees in the medians near my home and office.

Before this year, I thought that I had decorated for the seasons for my daughter. As I watched the daffodils sprout, the buds swell and then bloom I realized that I had a deep-seated need to know the seasons and their unfolding, to follow this unfolding and to enjoy it.

The Japanese have 72 five-day seasons. They are geniuses at observing this unfolding. I once accepted the challenge of a haiku poet who was a visiting scholar at Harvard to create a calendar of 72 five-day seasons for North Texas, where I live. It took me three years to get it right.

It took me until this year to understand how deeply I needed  to observe the 72 five-day seasons.

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