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From 2002-2006 I had the incredible privilege of working with homeless, mentally ill persons in downtown Dallas two days a week.

Homeless Services had no official “team leader”, but on the days I worked I was the de facto team leader.

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning I’d send out an email to the whole team, using “Starfishers,” as my salutation.

I’d remind the team that although we could not “save” every patient we served that day, we could save some of them.

And we could touch them all; we could make each and every one of them feel that they matter. We could look into their eyes, listen to their stories and honor their feelings.

In my Starfisher emails I told the team stories of patients who had triumphed over addiction and homelessness. I encouraged them in their noble mission.

When I left, the team gave me a wonderful snow globe:


I will admit that I tear up sometimes when I see it.

The rotating center star says “You are a Star” and the inscription is to “Dr. Susan Delaney, The Ultimate Starfisher”. The music box plays “I Believe I Can Fly“.

I hope that you will look around you today for beached “starfish”. Look around you for the abused, the lost and the lonely. Pick one of them up and share your love with them.

It matters to that one.



I have been crazy about rainbows since I was a little girl. In college I worked in a chemistry lab with a spectrophotometer. I’d peer down into the chamber and spin the wavelength wheel, watching every single hue of the rainbow go by.

Yesterday I got a longing for a rainbow necklace. I wanted every single pure hue in the rainbow. I played and played to get the gradations, starting with a measured scientific approach and ending up eyeballing it. I chose a deep orange-red for the spacer beads I made. Most of the rainbow beads have either red or yellow in them, and orange is the color complement to the blue in the others.

I strung it on silk ribbon. I plan to wear it to Prayer Ministry this afternoon. Fresh-baked from my oven.

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