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I turn seventy tomorrow.

I am writing to tell you that survivors of clergy sex abuse serve a life sentence.

Clergy sex abuse, with its physical abuse; sexual abuse; emotional abuse and spiritual abuse causes a SHATTERING of the survivor’s being.

Sometimes clergy are given minimal sentences for raping children. Sometimes as little as one year. But we survivors serve a life sentence.

Let me introduce you to my five year old self.


This precious five year old was sodomized on a weekly basis during fishing season by my father’s priest.

My body will never be the same.

My emotions were savaged not only by the abuse, but by my parents, groomed by the priest, who turned a blind eye to what was happening.

I lost my faith, but regained it, bit by bit. My faith is now robust, but scarred.

I lead a full, productive life. I have left this world a better place.

I like to think that my book has been a snowflake in creating the wonderful avalanches of justice that are happening for children, women and men today.

book cover 9.2.10

I published my book on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, December 28. I dedicated it to all of my brothers and sisters in this world who survived clergy sex abuse. And to those who, sadly, did not survive. So many suicides because of this horrible crime!



Are you feeling at the end of your rope?

My dear, late friend Fr. Al Durrance used to say this: God can always be found at the end of your rope.

Al had been in the healing ministry for 56 years when he passed last July. He brought me into that ministry in 1994 and I have been privileged to see many miracles because he “got” me that day at the National meeting in Ft. Worth. He waived the “entrance” requirements for the Oder of St. Luke the Physician and inducted me on the spot. I think he knew that I would do all of the required things. I did. In fact, I have taught the course on the healing miracles of Jesus eight times already.

I made these earrings from translucent polymer clay that I kissed gently with silver/granite clay and bronze clay. Only the tiniest bit of each.

I made the silicone molds from a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. The mold for the back is just folds of his habit. See below.

I painted the recesses of the clay ovals with a silver paint and the high points with a gleaming micaceous paint.

They are gorgeous. Below you can see the “back” of one on the left.


They are available in my Etsy shop as a special order. I can do them with hints of silver, pale gold, gold, copper or bronze in the clay. I can put in gray mica or gleaming colorless mica. Or both. I can paint the recesses with silver, gold, copper or bronze. I can paint the high spots with a super thin layer of mica in red, orange, blue, green or violet. I can use wires and lever backs to match the metallic color you have chosen to tint the clay body.

I’d be glad to make a pair for you. I can have them ready to ship within three days.

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A homeless man burst into tears when I said, “It is an honor to serve you, sir!”

The man had thanked me for “coming out tonight (New Year’s Eve) to put on a dinner/New Year’s Eve party  at Austin Street Centre, a homeless shelter in downtown Dallas.

It was an honor to serve him and the other men and women at the shelter.

If you are a person of faith, any faith, you know this already.

My church has put on a New Year’s Eve party at the shelter for 20 years. I have been privileged to be part of it for the last 4 years.

I always staff the “bun station”. My church provides “sloppy joes” as part of the party. I put hamburger buns on plates and add a packet of plastic silverware. I hand them to the residents with a loving “God bless you, sir” or “God bless you ma’am”.

I receive so many blessings in return. Explicit and implicit. Some of the men and women I served last night were psychotic. They couldn’t process my words. But their spirits did.

Before this, from 2002-2008, I worked with homeless mentally ill persons in downtown Dallas every Tuesday and Thursday.

On Thursday nights I did a clinic at Austin Street Centre starting at 5 p.m. If it were raining or cold, the shelter would be full and I might work until 10 p.m. If the weather were more pleasant, the homeless would choose to sleep outside and there were fewer patients for me to see.

I loved working with the homeless.

I miss it very much.

There are no atheists in a homeless shelter. There is little pretense.

The homeless have one goal: to get their lives back.

Did you know that 15% of the homeless living in shelters go to work every day? The minimum wage does not allow for luxuries like housing and medical insurance.

Mother Teresa said that the US was the most poverty stricken nation in the world. Not fiscally, but in the poverty of neglect of humans.

Is there someone who you can call today and say that you love them or are thinking of them?

Do it.

Pick up the phone right now.

Reach out and touch someone.

It will bless you incredibly.

Do you know the Legend of the Starfish?

English: A Starfish from the Aegean See

English: A Starfish from the Aegean See (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A woman is walking along the shore at low tide. She picks up every stranded starfish she sees and throws it back into the sea. A man is walking along the shore inthe opposite direction. He comes along side of her and asks her what she is doing.

He scoffs at her answer.

“You cannot save them all,” he says, “it doesn’t matter”.

She looks into his eyes and then throws the starfish in her hand back into deep water.

“It matters to that one,” she replies.

Is there someone in your life who you can serve today with a phone call?

Do it.

It will matter to that one.

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Today at my church, we presented the fourth graders with their own bibles. The youth minister had wrapped the bibles in five different layers of “gift wrap”. First a mailing envelope, because it was a Special Delivery. Then festive gift wrap. Then a map, because the Scriptures would take the kids to places they’d never been. Then newsprint because of the “Good News” in the bible. Finally in gold paper to mark the bibles as treasure.

It was a beautiful ceremony, but seeing the fourth graders stand there makes me tear up every year because, statistically, it is fourth-graders that are sexually abused by clergy, altar boys and altar girls. They are so little!

Sexual abuse is a fourfold catastrophe for the child: physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual. It creates a shattering of the child that takes years to heal.

My own abuse by a clergyman happened when I was five. That’s me in at age five on the cover of my book.

My faith is strong again now. People remark on it. I would not wish on anyone what it took for me to get it back!


I have a Pinterest board “Justice for Kids”:

It is based on the “Legend of the Starfish”: A woman is walking along the beach at low tide. Every time she sees a stranded starfish, she reaches down, grabs it and throws it into deep water. A man is walking toward her and when he gets to her he asks her what she is doing. She explains. He says, “it doesn’t matter, you can’t save them all.” She throws the starfish in her hand into deep water and looks him in eye kindly. “It matters to that one.”

Every time I come across a photo of a starfish on Pinterest, I pin it to Justice for Kids and add the words, “It Matters to That One”.

Protect one kid.

Save one kid.

Believe one kid.

Call the police if a kid discloses abuse of any kind. It is THEIR job to investigate, not yours.

It matters to that one!

p.s., it’s grand if you can save more than one!

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After weeks and weeks of dry we have had 12 hours of gentle, abundant rain.

And I am grateful.

Last night as I walked at sundown the sky was partly clouded. A single raindrop hit my arm, and I took hope.

When I got home I turned on the hose and washed the spiderwebs off of the garage door, watching the water fall and imagining rain.

By 9 the rain had come.

This morning I walked in the rain. I put my hoodless cycling jacket on so I could feel the rain on my head. I gave thanks with every step. It was wonderful to see rain on the sidewalk, rain in puddles and rain splashing in the curb streams.

The last two times it rained I had also hosed off the spiderwebs on the house, the first time in the back yard and, before a later rain, around the front door. Each time I imagined that the water I was seeing was rain.

Agnes Sanford, a powerful woman of prayer, said that when we imagine the result we are praying for, that it creates a container for God to fill.

I have plans to keep that hose at the ready. We are still in a drought and we need more rain to break it.

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Do you ever find yourself humming a hymn? One has been singing itself in my head all night.

I have been getting ready for my first ever craft show. One of my items will be small organza bags containing two handmade polymer clay marbles. You know, for times when you feel you have lost your marbles….for $5.

I was using up an old stack of business cards for my craft business, writing the name of the marbles on the back, punching the corner and tying the card to the sack.

The marbles you see above are named “Stained Glass”. I have many other marbles for sale: Stars and Stripes, with a little flag on them; Apache Gold; Turquoise in Native Copper; Ivory Coast; Flamingo; Fiesta; Lapis Lazuli; Blue Planet. You get the idea….

The space beside me on the couch had filled with finished marble packages. The stack of business cards was getting shorter and shorter. I wasn’t worried. I kept humming, “All that I Needed Your Hand Had Provided”.

You know where this is going…I had EXACTLY enough business cards to finish the task, in spite of the ones I had to trash because I made mistakes on them. I picked up the last sack of marbles and the very last business card, punched the corner of the card and tied the card to the bag.


The craft show will be at All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington Texas next Saturday from 8-5. If you are in the area, I hope you will stop in and say hello. Admission is free. Here’s a map:

I will be offering Pendants at many price points, Earrings, Marbles and “I’m Praying for You” Tokens and Alanon Bunnies. I will have lots of bargain items and stocking stuffers.


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I was claying today during some downtime. I decided to make some “Barflies”, drink markers.

I got 12 barflies and nine Beads of Courage from my efforts. Here’s how I used my scraps:


I rolled my bigger scraps into a sheet.


Then I laid all of my other scraps onto the sheet.

Then I rolled them with my brayer to squeeze out air pockets.


I cut it in half and stacked it. I put the plain sheets against one another in the middle. If you don’t, the beads become dominated by the color of the sheet.


I cut it in half again and stacked it.

Then I cut it into nine (9)  3/4″ cubes.

When I am ready to roll my cube into a bead I examine the top and bottom. If one color predominates I pinch the corners of the cube and push the pinched clay onto the top. I do the same if there is a boring area on one corner of the bead.

I rolled the beads and pierced them. Then into the oven.

Yesterday I mailed off 7 pounds of Beads of Courage to their office in Tucson. A lot of those beads came from scrap clay.

Visit to find out how you can participate in making Beads of Courage for kids with cancer.

I slightly modified the technique from Alice Stroppel’s great video:

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