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Earrings Everyday’s October theme is Harvest Moon. Here are a few pairs of earrings I have made with a moon theme:

Shine On Harvest Moon. The moon disks are made from some of my Opal Polymer Clay then dry brushed with several colors of interference acrylics. I added Basha Beads to complete them.


Apollo 17. The next pair have great sentimental value to me. After Apollo 17, Spock and Kirk went around to all of the NASA locations to thank the workers for their help with the mission. Spock put the tiny Lunar Lander into Mother’s hand and she gave it to me, her nerd daughter.


The Sea of Tranquility. The next pair, with matching pendant, is polymer “Ivory” with pearls. They remind me of the moon’s surface.

ivory pendant

Moon Shadows. The next pair have ostrich shell rounds and beads by StoneDesignsbySheila.


Moonstones Melody. The next pair have tiny cubical moonstones and tiny pearls with baroque pearl drops.


Red Moon Rising. The next pair have a harvest moon from my molten lava polymer clay and tiny Basha Beads.


Once in a Blue Moon is made from marbled polymer clay.


Thanks for going on this moon journey with me!




Frequently I create a piece in response to the Art Bead Scene Challenge.

This month the challenge was based on Anne Redpath’s painting, Red Slippers:


I immediately keyed in on the “ruby slippers” and created the necklace above. I made some “red opal” clay. and marbled it with black opal clay and black clay.

I am in the second year of my five year plan to make splendid polymer opal clay.

I had some Swarovski dark coral pearls that matched my “red” opal clay.

Of course I made Beads of Courage for kids with cancer from the scrap clay!

I am tickled that they came out so well, and giggle every time I see them.

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In the last two weeks this pendant from my Etsy shop has been treasured THREE TIMES.

I feel so honored.

The pendant is faux Sodalite. The blue clay is a mixture of nine different blue clays. The white areas are translucent with thin bands of opaque white.  I added my signature window and attached tiny chains with AAA freshwater pearls.

The Treasuries are:

“A Saturday Winter Pageant” by Del Carmen:

“Sodalite Pendants” by Angela Klawitter:

“Winter Serenity” by Lisa:

You can view my Sodalite Pendant here:

The image on my Etsy shop has a lot more detail than the image above.

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I saw an amazing opal necklace in Santa Fe. For $4200! It had a gold framed opal focal and opal beads.

I already had an opal pendant, made for me by my Aunt Katherine thirty years ago. I stepped a few doors down the street from the jewelry store to a bead shop and bought these pearls. I went back to the hotel, fired up my computer, and ordered the opal beads through Etsy.

Today I had time to sit down and string them all together. I will wear them with the pendant which I will hang on a short gold chain. The pearl necklace hangs longer. I know my Aunt Katherine would be thrilled.

Katherine worked in my dentist-grandfather’s office during the Great Depression, along with Mother and the other three sisters. Katherine was the crafty one so Grandaddy Doc taught her to work in gold. Back then “filling” were done with gold inlays on the tooth. Katherine continued to work in gold and silver until her death at 84.

Katherine died the way I want to: with her boots on. She had gone to an “old folk’s home” to teach a jewelry class. She went back to her car for something she’d forgotten, sat down on the car seat and died.

I looked up while I was stringing and saw my neighbor’s maple tree blazing over the rooftop. I wrote this haiku:

stringing pearls-/ over the roofline/ my neighbor’s blazing maple.

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A new Etsy Treasury, Colorful Expressions, features one of my dearest pendants of faux Sodalite. The pendant is made of nine shades of blue clay with densely layered, semi-translucent streaks of white/clear clay. It features my trademark window with three freshwater pearls dangling on tiny chains.

You can see it here:

The Treasury was curated by my Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy team mate, Lisa Rapp. Lisa is an incredibly talented Polymer Clay Artist. Her entries in the monthly PCAGOE Challenges blow me away.

See Lisa’s Treasury, Colorful Expressions here:

See Lisa’s incredible work here:

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This weekend I gave a talk to my haiku friends about my jewelry making design process. I compared the moment when I “see” (feel) a haiku moment to the moment when I KNOW that I am going to make a piece of polymer clay jewelry. As I prepared for the talk I realized that the moments were essentially similar.

In both Haiku Moments and Design Moments I have a deep visceral sensation. I connect with a reality outside of time. I am flooded with a pervasive sense of calm. I sense the presence of the numinous, the sacred. I am in a reverberating silence. The spiritual restlessness that called me is stilled. The splits that plague ordinary time are stilled. Thought, feeling and body sensation are one.

I showed about 40 pieces of my Polymer Clay Jewelry and shared a haiku that “went” with the jewelry, in one of its dimensions.

Traditionally, a Haiga is a photo or a painting which is presented with a haiku. In this case the haiku is presented with a piece of jewelry which was inspired by the same sort of process as the haiku moment was.

I was sitting next to the current Haiku Society of America President, an old friend. When I finished my presentation he said that he wished I had gone on for another hour, talking about my pieces and passing them around.

Today I learned that a former President of HSA, who was sitting across the wide table from me, had turned to his left and said to another haiku friend, “She should do a book of these”.

I am not ready to write another book, but I did create a Pinterest board with about 40 of my jewelry pieces paired with haiku.

I hope you will visit:

It will probably only take 3-5 minutes to see them all.

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I just got back from my 17th annual Haiku Hot Springs (Arkansas) meeting. I’ve only missed one, and I attended that one by sending in my presentation by VCR!

One of the talks this year was by my good friend, Christine Spindel. She spoke about her lifelong love affair with ferns.

Over dinner she challenged me to make polymer clay ferns. 

So I did! I made a fern fossil. I made irregular layers of opaque black clay, semi-translucent black clay and a shale colored (green-y black) clay. I rolled them together, made them flatter and cut and stacked them a few times. I impressed the top with a fern and trimmed away the edges with a flexible blade, imitating chisel marks. I brushed the top with pearl mica, then rubbed most of it away.

I am going to string it on a black cord and mail it to Christine. It will look wonderful with her snow white hair!

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