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I had the most extraordinary day yesterday, devoid of desire, obedient in heart and mind and will.

It started with a dream that I had died but that I was allowed to stay here in the flesh for 24 more hours.

I have always said that I was living my life in a way that I was always ready to move on to the next life. I found, yesterday, that this was true. I made sure that my daughter was aware of my “will” and suchlike, but except for that I hovered in quiet obedience to each moment.

It is interesting to me that yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, one of two days each year that the earth is inclined neither toward nor away from the sun. I spent the day inclined neither toward nor away from the next life. The earth and I were at the same place in our journeys.

I had a Near Death Experience at the end of my fifth year of life. I visited Heaven briefly and have been left with a strong homesickness for that place. I have no fear of death. Yesterday was a test of my obedience of heart, mind and will; obedience to stay here in peace until my mission is accomplished.

I’m still here. Life is good.


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