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Earrings Everyday’s October theme is Harvest Moon. Here are a few pairs of earrings I have made with a moon theme:

Shine On Harvest Moon. The moon disks are made from some of my Opal Polymer Clay then dry brushed with several colors of interference acrylics. I added Basha Beads to complete them.


Apollo 17. The next pair have great sentimental value to me. After Apollo 17, Spock and Kirk went around to all of the NASA locations to thank the workers for their help with the mission. Spock put the tiny Lunar Lander into Mother’s hand and she gave it to me, her nerd daughter.


The Sea of Tranquility. The next pair, with matching pendant, is polymer “Ivory” with pearls. They remind me of the moon’s surface.

ivory pendant

Moon Shadows. The next pair have ostrich shell rounds and beads by StoneDesignsbySheila.


Moonstones Melody. The next pair have tiny cubical moonstones and tiny pearls with baroque pearl drops.


Red Moon Rising. The next pair have a harvest moon from my molten lava polymer clay and tiny Basha Beads.


Once in a Blue Moon is made from marbled polymer clay.


Thanks for going on this moon journey with me!




Earthshine is the lovely dim light we see on the surface of the moon when the moon is not full.

In the moon photo above you can see the bright crescent of the sun’s light reflected from the moon. The rest of the moon’s surface is illuminated by the sun’s light bouncing off of the Earth onto the moon.

I made this polymer clay pendant to honor that beautiful phenomena.

I added pearlescent clay to every  color of clay and ran each color through my pasta machine ten times to align the mica particles so that they would reflect light. It worked. The piece has wonderful iridescence.

I tinted translucent clay for the Earthshine portion and that part has wonderful translucence as well.

I am going to wear it to church this morning.

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