Good Morning Starfishers

From 2002-2006 I had the incredible privilege of working with homeless, mentally ill persons in downtown Dallas two days a week. Homeless Services had no official “team leader”, but on the days I worked I was the de facto team leader. Each Tuesday and Thursday morning I’d send out an email to the whole team, […]

It Matters to That One

Today at my church, we presented the fourth graders with their own bibles. The youth minister had wrapped the bibles in five different layers of “gift wrap”. First a mailing envelope, because it was a Special Delivery. Then festive gift wrap. Then a map, because the Scriptures would take the kids to places they’d never […]

A Day of Clay

Yesterday was my day off and I played with polymer clay for several hours. Crafting is, I am convinced, what keeps me sane. These beads were some of my productions. I wanted to explore the technique that I’d learned last weekend at the North Texas Polymer Clay Guild for stacking colors in a bead. I […]

Let Us Cherish Our Mentally Ill

“AP Stylebook” Adds Entry on Mental Illness for Journalists The Associated Press (AP) has added a new entry about mental illness to their “Stylebook,” clarifying how journalists should refer to mental illness and people with a mental illness in articles and stories, and admonishing reporters and editors to avoid stigmatizing terms and phrases. The entry includes […]