Blackberry Winter

The October Art Bead Scene Challenge was based on a painting, “Autumn” by Milton Avery. I made a sincere effort to create some beads from polymer that “went with” this challenge. I designed a necklace with 18 polymer beads and Swarovski pearls. Each bead seemed like a good idea at the time. They didn’t work, […]

More Micropuddles

Sunday our parched region experienced an all day rain. I walked in it for an hour at dawn, and again after church. This rose caught my eye as I hunted for micropuddles in old downtown Plano, TX. Micropuddles fascinate me. They exist in liminal space: at the threshold of a new experience. They contain shining […]

The Shovel is Mine Now!

Last week I was in the Hall Office Park in Frisco, Texas taking photos of micropuddles. I found this shovel, handle-less and covered in concrete and rust. I filled its bowl with water and took its portrait. This week I returned and the shovel was still there. I claimed it as my own. It rained […]

Raindrips and Lunch

My daughter and I visited the Japanese Garden in Fort Worth this morning. Expecting another searing day, we planned to leave at 8 a.m. to enjoy the garden in the cool of the morning. We were delighted to find the region blanketed with cloud and a steady, gentle rain falling. We had wonderful sharing on […]

Crepe Myrtles – A Mercy

Just when the temperatures here in Texas approach 100, just when all of the tender plants begin to burn up, the glory of crepe myrtles begins. All through my town crepe myrtles are a riot of color. Hot pink, magenta, maroon, soft pink and lavender crepe myrtles line the medians and trumpet their joy. The […]

Deep Cleaning and Windowsill Celery

I have just come out of a creative frenzy lasting two weeks. I have made about 150 beads, most of them for Beads of Courage (for kids with cancer). I have also, in the process, innovated some beads for my Etsy shop, LadyFlowersbySusan. I hope to photograph them and post them later today. But first […]

A Culinary Adventure and Herbs

Today my daughter and I went on our annual herb shopping expedition. First though, we went to an Asian fusion restaurant, Mint, for lunch. The restaurant’s walls are emerald green, apropos of St. Patrick’s Day. Even the chopsticks are emerald green. I had Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp and tofu.  My daughter had three kinds […]