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Do you ever find yourself humming a hymn? One has been singing itself in my head all night.

I have been getting ready for my first ever craft show. One of my items will be small organza bags containing two handmade polymer clay marbles. You know, for times when you feel you have lost your marbles….for $5.

I was using up an old stack of business cards for my craft business, writing the name of the marbles on the back, punching the corner and tying the card to the sack.

The marbles you see above are named “Stained Glass”. I have many other marbles for sale: Stars and Stripes, with a little flag on them; Apache Gold; Turquoise in Native Copper; Ivory Coast; Flamingo; Fiesta; Lapis Lazuli; Blue Planet. You get the idea….

The space beside me on the couch had filled with finished marble packages. The stack of business cards was getting shorter and shorter. I wasn’t worried. I kept humming, “All that I Needed Your Hand Had Provided”.

You know where this is going…I had EXACTLY enough business cards to finish the task, in spite of the ones I had to trash because I made mistakes on them. I picked up the last sack of marbles and the very last business card, punched the corner of the card and tied the card to the bag.


The craft show will be at All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington Texas next Saturday from 8-5. If you are in the area, I hope you will stop in and say hello. Admission is free. Here’s a map:

I will be offering Pendants at many price points, Earrings, Marbles and “I’m Praying for You” Tokens and Alanon Bunnies. I will have lots of bargain items and stocking stuffers.



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When my daughter was in college she had a wonderful Chemistry teacher who gave a special award to any student who scored above 100 on an exam. The award inducted the student into the Royal Order of the Pink Flamingo.

I shared a photo of flamingos with my daughter yesterday on our private Pinterest board.


We got to emailing about the Royal Order of the Pink Flamingo.

Meanwhile I had been admiring some polymer clay beads I’d seen on Flickr which the artist called “Flamingo”. I’d already been studying photos of flamingos to see what colors I would use for MY flamingo necklace.

It became clear to me that I had to make a flamingo necklace for my daughter to commemorate her induction into the Royal Order of the Pink Flamingo so long ago.

This morning I sat down and composed a stack of flamingo-ey colors. I took three good slices from it and made the necklace and earrings below. I used a “feathery” texture stamp on the solid hot flamingo backing on the pieces.


This picture is a good one but it does not capture the sizzling, vibrant interplay between the colors I chose, which included Florescent Pink; Lively Medium Purple; Orange; Magenta Pearl and Candy Pink.

As I made my stack of colors, I began to think of the Damascus cane, a polymer clay technique adopted from a technique Japanese sword makers use. I had enough of the stack left after the slices you see above to do the cane. The technique involves twisting the stack three full turns. I made the beads and earrings below from the Damascus cane:


I still had trimmings from the original stack and the Damascus cane. I had made some gorgeous marbles last week from some flamingo-ey colors topped with my lacy white clay. I got the idea of mixing the bits of flamingo colors with lacy white clay. I made the pieces below:



I still had clay…it was starting to feel like Groundhog Day, the movie!

So I made six marbles for my patients and 18 Beads of Courage for the kids.

I am going to give all three sets of flamingo jewelry to my daughter tomorrow when we have lunch at a tapas bar. I am so proud of her.

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