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I wept when I saw this photo on Facebook today. I weep as I write this. Science Fair was my salvation!

I was a teen when my family hit really hard times.

Fortunately, I was a kid who was a native of Washington DC. Four generations of my family had nourished our minds and souls at the Smithsonian Museums.

When I was a girl, Mother would pack me a sack lunch and pin two streetcar tokens to my blouse and off I would go to spend the day at the museums on the Washington Mall.

Natural History was my favorite one, especially the Hall of Minerals. I loved crystals.

Later, my science fair project would be about crystals. I grew crystals in a strong electrostatic field and observed the changes in their behavior under the influence of that field.

Even as my family was collapsing around me, I continued with my project. I did well in the school fairs and the regional fair. When I was a senior in high school, I won first Grand Prize in the Regional Science Fair and won a trip to the International Science and Engineering Fair in St. Louis.

As a result, I won enough scholarships that I could attend college. I completed my BS in Chemistry in 3 1/2 years.

Later, I would earn an MS in Human Physiology.

And later, my MD.

All because of Science Fair.

When my daughter started first grade I started volunteering to judge school, district and regional science fairs. I did so for 16 years. I judged twice at International.

My daughter was a science fair kid, too.

I coached her science fair classes starting when she was in 9th grade.

I taught the science fair kids to watch three movies:

* October Sky, because science fair CAN be your ticket “out”.

* Space Monkeys, because sometimes the judges give it to the monkeys.

* Cool Runnings, because, “If you are not OK before you win the gold medal, you won’t be OK after you win it.”

I am happy to say that science fair taught my wonderful daughter poise and grace under fire from science fair judges. She’s an alumna of the International Science and Engineering fair, too. She’s a PA and holds her own BS and MS.

So, you see, I wept when I saw the photo at the top of this blog. Because of science fair, I have three degrees. Because of science fair I’ve written two books, three columns for national magazines, many articles for national magazines and now this blog.

Thank you, Science Fair!


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A bead artist in one of my Facebook groups was bemoaning her cracked fingertips. I will share what I wrote to her, in case you are suffering as well.

I am a doctor/artist and I wrote a comprehensive health care guide for women who do crafts. It won a Gold Medal for Health Communication and was a Main Selection of the Doubleday Cooking and Crafts club.

One whole chapter of my book is on the fingers.

Here is what I am doing this winter for my cracked fingertips. Every night I put a teaspoon of sugar in my palm and pour in about a teaspoon of olive oil. I scrub down my hands, the backs, palms and fingertips. I rub my fingertips in my palms in the sugar scrub to burnish off dead skin and to stimulate the blood vessels.

Then I wash off the sugar with water under the tap, then most of the oil with hand soap.

I keep my fingernails very short so that the skin on the tips is uniformly tough, so that it resists cracking.

At bedtime I put 1/2 teaspoon of sweet almond oil in my palm and I massage it into my hands, especially my nail beds and fingertips. The massage not only delivers the oil to my skin but opens up the capillary beds so that maximum sturdiness of the skin develops.

If you want my book, many Amazon Booksellers have it for 1 cent plus $3.99 shipping (this keeps me humble; if you buy from Amazon Booksellers I won’t make even that one cent, which is fine).

If you need it today you can get it from C&T Publishing as an e-book. There’s a hot link to the C&T listing on my author website

BTW, C&T was the best publisher a gal could dream of!

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Are you feeling at the end of your rope?

My dear, late friend Fr. Al Durrance used to say this: God can always be found at the end of your rope.

Al had been in the healing ministry for 56 years when he passed last July. He brought me into that ministry in 1994 and I have been privileged to see many miracles because he “got” me that day at the National meeting in Ft. Worth. He waived the “entrance” requirements for the Oder of St. Luke the Physician and inducted me on the spot. I think he knew that I would do all of the required things. I did. In fact, I have taught the course on the healing miracles of Jesus eight times already.

I made these earrings from translucent polymer clay that I kissed gently with silver/granite clay and bronze clay. Only the tiniest bit of each.

I made the silicone molds from a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. The mold for the back is just folds of his habit. See below.

I painted the recesses of the clay ovals with a silver paint and the high points with a gleaming micaceous paint.

They are gorgeous. Below you can see the “back” of one on the left.


They are available in my Etsy shop as a special order. I can do them with hints of silver, pale gold, gold, copper or bronze in the clay. I can put in gray mica or gleaming colorless mica. Or both. I can paint the recesses with silver, gold, copper or bronze. I can paint the high spots with a super thin layer of mica in red, orange, blue, green or violet. I can use wires and lever backs to match the metallic color you have chosen to tint the clay body.

I’d be glad to make a pair for you. I can have them ready to ship within three days.

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Yesterday I was photographing some of the lush, female figures that I offer as earring components in my Etsy shop at

I found my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.

I have a brick that has MEXICO stamped into it, so I decided to use it as a prop and to place the ladies at famous Mexican beaches.

I call these glorious goddesses Purple Squirrels at Playa Norte. Swirls of my blue-violet opal clay jostle with translucent violet and opaque violet clays.

A Purple Squirrel is a unique individual with the education, experience and qualifications to fill a very special job opening. I placed the Purple Squirrel at one of Mexico’s famous beaches.


Anke at Acapulco, a pair of goddesses swirled with shades of Dutch blue.

Some of my customers carry a goddess as a pocket goddess.


Underwater at Puerta Vallarta. Earrings in which subtle teal swirls with ivory opal clay, palest gold translucent clay and ivory pearl clay. The faceted stones are Adventurine.

If you visit my Etsy shop you can see other beach goddesses. And narwal tusks!



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Art Bead Scene ( issued a very bright challenge this month, bursting with oranges and other bright colors. I gently marbled together some golds and oranges to create these earrings, Creamsickle. They are available in my Etsy shop

Here is the painting we had for a prompt:

jan 2015 - hundertwasser palette

Imagine Tomorrow’s World, an environmental poster by Friendensreich Hundertwasser. Did I mention that it was bright?



I also created Ruby Begonia, a pair of earrings with lush, female forms in shades of translucent ruby from the painting. I topped them with genuine raw rubies. You can find Ruby in my shop.

Art Bead Scene has a new challenge: create Art Beads based on the painting. I created two:


Volcano goddesses.


Sunshine and Buttercups.

All are available in my Etsy Shop.

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Earrings Everyday,, has a challenge every month: to create earrings based on a visual prompt. Sometimes it is a photo, sometimes a painting, sometimes a drawing. This month’s prompt was a short animation film created by French film students. Just below find a collage of images from the enchanting film. (you can see the three minute film if you got to the above url.)


I chose the bottom left frame as my inspiration.

I saw the story as a metaphor for the girl’s own maturation, her own sprouting of wings that will allow her to fly away into her own life.

I wanted to create a clay that showed the tender pink in the frame, a metaphor for the girl’s innocence. I saw earrings that would be translucent. I mixed two shades of pink from some of my “opal” clay on hand (from another challenge, of course). I further diluted some of each pink with translucent clay. I mixed a little silver polymer clay into translucent clay for a fifth layer. I stacked the five clays, twisted them and put the swirled cane that resulted into my smallest goddess mold.

Taking a photo of the earrings was a challenge. I wanted to capture their translucency and also the ribbons of pink and silver. One of the many photos I took photo processed into an image that captured the translucency of the earrings.

Once I’d made the clay for the earrings above, I couldn’t stop. I made two more five-somes of clay, each set in a little deeper shade of pink.


I look forward to making earrings of these pairs. I have also started a “goddess tree” made from a 12″ earring tree my daughter gave me years ago. I am using my round nose pliers to make ornament hooks from Christmas tree ornament hooks. When it is “finished” I’ll post a photo.

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Last year 26,000 of our military personnel were victims of soldier-on-soldier rape.

Half were men; half were women.

Soldier-on-soldier rape undermines the honor of the military.

Soldier-on-soldier rape undermines the loyalty of the military.

Soldier-on-soldier rape undermines the courage of the military.

What could be more cowardly than a soldier raping another soldier? The perpetrators of these crimes become cowards.

These rapes threaten the trust and discipline that make the military strong.

I all these crimes TREASON.

If the chain of command punishes the victim, which sadly happens in more than half of the reported cases, I call that TREASON, too.

The patriots who are the victims of military-on-military rape undergo a shattering of their bodies, their minds and their souls. These patriot-survivors will never be the same.

I have the privilege of knowing a PATRIOT who was raped at one of the service academies. I have followed the shattering of her incredible strength and potential as a result of the crimes committed against her. She is healing now. I pray that her healing become complete.

I have had the privilege of knowing her parents. I have witnessed the shattering of the emotions and souls of her folks as a result of the crimes committed against their daughter. I have witnessed their anguish as they have watched their daughter’s shattering and slow recovery, which continues.

The parents are secondary victims of the treason committed against their daughter.

ESPN did a great expose of these issues. You can watch the 18 minute segment here:

The segment tells the story of two women, one a Sailor, one a Marine, who were raped by fellow military. Shockingly, it was the two victims who were punished, not their attackers!

I call punishing the victims treason also.

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