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I have just come out of a creative frenzy lasting two weeks. I have made about 150 beads, most of them for Beads of Courage (for kids with cancer). I have also, in the process, innovated some beads for my Etsy shop, LadyFlowersbySusan. I hope to photograph them and post them later today.

But first it was time to clean up the mess that accrued during my creative frenzy. I deep cleaned the kitchen, even running Windex-soaked q-tips between the buttons of the blender! I put vinegar soaked cotton pads over all of the places around the sink where lime had accrued and after a bit, scrubbed away the lime deposits. My kitchen is sparkling clean again.

I had read on Pinterest how you can root the bottom of celery and grow more. I was intrigued by this. I normally only buy celery for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, to make Mother’s stuffing. I saved my Easter celery bottom and put it in a saucer of water. In about a week it started to grow new celery sprouts and in two weeks I could see fine white roots.

I potted it up today in the re-ordering of my kitchen. I have actually harvested two small stalks already for some beef stock I was making. I pried the tiny stalks from the outside edge of the new growth and put the stalks and their flavorful leaves in my stockpot.

Now for the bedroom and bathroom. The bath mats are already in the washer…


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My table is set for Easter dinner.

I saw a photo of carrot napkins on this site and had to make them for our Easter dinner. I got some dinner sized orange napkins and an assortment of green pipe cleaners and put them together simply. I selected egg cups from my collection and placed orange plastic eggs at each place setting. Mr. and Mrs. Bunnykins came out of storage, as did my good plates and crystal.

On Easter, my daughter, her guy and I will roast a chicken on a bed of diced carrots, onions and celery drizzled with olive oil. The side dishes she’s making are not finalized, so I cannot report on them. I’ll make the bunny rolls from my previous post. We’ll top off dinner with Pavlovas, ethereal nests of meringue filled with lightly sugared strawberries and topped with a mountain of orange-scented whipped cream.

I can’t wait!

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Do you make yeast rolls for Easter dinner? If so, you can make these bunnies in a heartbeat.

Simply roll your yeast dough into ovals and allow them to rise. Just before baking, dip a toothpick into cooking oil and use it to make the eyes. Then take your kitchen scissors and made two snips above the eyes. The ears will pop up immediately. Bake as usual.

I made these with frozen pizza dough a few weeks ago and they were wonderful.

The kid in me giggled all through the process, including biting off the ears first!

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