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Erin Prais-Hintz of Earrings Everyday ( gives us a wonderful challenge every month.

This month the challenge was to use the new Pantone colors in earrings.

Here are the new Pantone colors:

Pantone color forcast2015 copy

Marsalsa is the foundation of the 2015 Pantone Spring/Summer Palate. I used Marsala in the earrings above where I gently marbled together clays in Marsala/copper/Glacier Gray (another color in the current Pantone palette); gold and a translucent black. There is a lot of Premo “gray granite” clay in these earrings. I call them: The Flip Side of Granite.


Pantone’s Glacier Gray plays heavily in these earrings called: “Shades of Silver”. They are very translucent and glow with bands of color when backlit.


Pantone’s Tangerine drew me in. I created these Tequila Sunrise ladies with many shades of translucent tangerine swirled with some mica. I photographed them on a “Mexican beach”. These are also very translucent when backlit.

All are available in my Etsy shop


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Today is Nelson Mandela International Day, his 95th birthday. To honor the 67 years of public service of this Nobel laureate we are invited to spend 67 minutes volunteering today.

I decided to make some Beads of Courage for my 67 minutes. Because I will miss my polymer clay guild’s workshop on Saturday, which will teach about spiral beads, I decided to make some spiral beads from a little pile of scrap clay that I had on hand.

Swirling the clay under a glass plate was very soothing. I am tickled at how the beads turned out.


The Nelson Mandela Turquoise that I made recently, also from polymer clay, continues to get kind and generous comments. You can read some of them here:

So, if it feels right, get out there (or in there, like I did) and give back to the world today, 67 minutes.

Mandela’s contribution to our world was in the area of reconciliation. If you can’t give 67 minutes of time to your favorite charity, consider reconciling with someone today.

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Intrepid readers will remember this pendant from a previous post.

I made it from the trimmings of the Cherry Blossom necklace that was featured on Craft Gossip last week. I used a technique called the Stroppel cane, a wonderful technique invented by Alice Stroppel to recycle beautiful clay. Most people lay their beautiful scraps on sheets of black clay, but since my scraps were all translucent clay, I used a very thin layer of “18K Gold” Premo clay for my base.

I posted this to the Stroppel Cane Group on Flickr. This morning Alice Stroppel stopped by and said this: “Wow, I’ve never seen a Stroppel cane like this. It is really special, so light and pretty”. Then she favorited it!

Blushing and smiling.

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This morning brought chocolate that wasn’t and then was, and a mention of my work in Craft Gossip.

First things first. Chocolate. There was a huge free tasting of chocolate this morning. From 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. at an outdoor venue in Downtown Dallas. I planned to go, wearing one of my gingko pendants with matching earrings as a walking billboard. Did I mention that we’d be filmed on TV?

Well, to be honest, I wanted the chocolate, too.

At bedtime I checked the weather report. Uh Oh! Thunderstorms all night. I cancelled my plans for the chocolate tasting.

This morning, even though chocolate is not just for breakfast any more, I had to have chocolate. La Madeleine was one of the chocolate tasting vendors I’d missed this morning so I went there and got a chocolate croissant and a slice of Sacher Torte. Mmmm.

When I got to work I had an email from a polymer clay friend, Marilyn. My Cherry Blossom necklace was featured on the FRONT PAGE of Craft Gossip! Check it out. I am so so honored.

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