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Are you feeling at the end of your rope?

My dear, late friend Fr. Al Durrance used to say this: God can always be found at the end of your rope.

Al had been in the healing ministry for 56 years when he passed last July. He brought me into that ministry in 1994 and I have been privileged to see many miracles because he “got” me that day at the National meeting in Ft. Worth. He waived the “entrance” requirements for the Oder of St. Luke the Physician and inducted me on the spot. I think he knew that I would do all of the required things. I did. In fact, I have taught the course on the healing miracles of Jesus eight times already.

I made these earrings from translucent polymer clay that I kissed gently with silver/granite clay and bronze clay. Only the tiniest bit of each.

I made the silicone molds from a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. The mold for the back is just folds of his habit. See below.

I painted the recesses of the clay ovals with a silver paint and the high points with a gleaming micaceous paint.

They are gorgeous. Below you can see the “back” of one on the left.


They are available in my Etsy shop as a special order. I can do them with hints of silver, pale gold, gold, copper or bronze in the clay. I can put in gray mica or gleaming colorless mica. Or both. I can paint the recesses with silver, gold, copper or bronze. I can paint the high spots with a super thin layer of mica in red, orange, blue, green or violet. I can use wires and lever backs to match the metallic color you have chosen to tint the clay body.

I’d be glad to make a pair for you. I can have them ready to ship within three days.


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I am a HUGE supporter of Beads of Courage, an organization that gives very sick kids a bead to mark every needle stick, every x-ray, every milestone.

I make Beads of Courage from ALL of my scrap polymer clay. Many times I sit down and make beads for the kids with “new” clay.

I have sent in 24 pounds of Beads of Courage. My punch bowl, which holds 8 pounds of beads is 2/3 full, so I’ll be shipping off Beads of Courage again soon.

Every November I participate in a charity auction to benefit Beads of Courage. Artists like me create Art Charms for the auction. We raised $1500 last year for Beads of Courage!

One of the cool parts of this Art Charm Auction is the Art Charm Exchange.

I sent in 11 charms. One will be auctioned off for BOC, the others have gone to other artists participating. I got back one of my charms and NINE charms from other artists.

The theme for the charms this year was SOAR.

I decided to make a butterfly wing with my opal clay. I mixed up four colors of iridescent blue, translucent clay, chopped them finely and made a long tube. I wrapped the blue tube in a layer of thin black clay, rolled the tube thinner and cut sections to create my butterfly wing.

Light shines right through the wings.

Here is a pair of earrings I made from the charms I made:


One of these wings will be in the auction. So will dozens of other charms. These are the ones I received.




Here is a necklace I made from a charm from Caroline, at Bluberribeads. I knotted the pearls on silk the color of Caroline’s charm:


Here is the link to the auction. Click over and see if there are any Art Charms that you just have to own. Art Charms make fantastic Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

Here are the participants in the Art Charm Exchange. Hop on over to their blogs.

Jennifer Cameron:

Alenka Obid:

Alicia Marinache:

Andrea Glick:

Caroline Dewison:

Cassi Paslick:

Cate van Alphen:

Cheri Reed:

Chris Eisenberg:

Cory Tompkins:

Elisabeth Auld:

Genevieve Gabbert:

Jami Shipp:

Jenny Davies-Reazor:

Jill Bradley:

Kim Dworak:

Lee Koopman:

Lennis Carrier:

Lesley Watt:

Mallory Hoffman:

Melissa Trudinger:

Michelle McCarthy:

Monique Urquhart:

Moriah Betterly:

Nancy Dale:

Nancy Smith:

Niky Sayers:

Perri Jackson:

Renetha Stanziano:

Shai Williams:

Sheila Prosterman:

Susan Delaney:

Susan Kennedy:

Terri DelSignore:

Toltec Jewels:

Vanessa Gilkes:


This year, I am honored to be participating in a Beads of Courage Fundraiser.

Bead artists like myself have made 11 Art Charms. One will be auctioned to raise money for Beads of Courage, an organization that provides seriously ill children with a bead to document every step of their courageous fights against their disease.

The other ten beads will be distributed to contributing artists.

We artists are all sharing our private angst on a members-only Facebook page.

November 15 is the date of the big “reveal”. On that day I will show you the charms I made, photographed on the Japanese brush painting (“enso”) I made that you see above.

The theme for the charms this year is “Love”.

Watch this space for our blog hop and the link to the auction that will raise money for the kids.

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Today I received notice that I am this week’s featured artist on Fire Mountain Gems emails and website.

You can see me here:

Today the two focal beads I donated to be sold for breast cancer research were posted for sale on Fire Mountain’s website. See them here:

If you have been wishing to acquire some of my work, these focals are huge bargains. One is priced at $10 and the other at $12.

Here is one of them:


It would make a pendant just as it is. It is almost three inches across and already has a bail on the back. It is priced at $10. 100% of the money raised will go to breast cancer research. (the other one, a rectangle, already has a bail as well.)

I made the pendants as a depiction of the formation of pearls by oysters. They could, exactly as they are, also represent the formation of mother’s milk.

Fire Mountain Gems has made the BEST change in its policies. It ships your order the same day! And it has active chat operators during business hours across the US. Shipping is always $5 for your whole order, a bargain. They’ve earned my respect and my business!

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I just received an email from my favorite jewelry supply vendor, Fire Mountain Gems, that my profile is live in the Jewelry Artist Success Stories section of their website.

Here’s the link:

The pendant that you see above was made from the trimmings from creating my Cherry Blossom necklace. The pendant is composed primarily of translucent polymer clay made into a Stroppel Cane.

Both the Cherry Blossom necklace and the pendant above are available on my Etsy shop LadyFlowersbySusan. It comes with matching earrings.

I also learned that the pendants I donated to Fire Mountain Gems to sell to raise money for Breast Cancer Research will go live on the website October 1. Every bit of the money they receive from the sales will go to Breast Cancer Research.

Watch this space.

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I have been creating Faux Turquoise this week. As Nelson Mandela lies critically ill I decided to create a Faux Turquoise from Polymer Clay to honor him, his life and his accomplishments.

I selected the colors of the South African flag: black, gold, red, green and navy blue for Nelson Mandela Turquoise.

I made several pendants. All are available on my Etsy shop, LadyFlowersbySusan. (


Every piece of turquoise is different and every piece of Nelson Mandela Turquoise is different. I mixed up literally hundreds of pieces of clay to create Nelson Mandela Turquoise from Polymer Clay.



I also made some beads from the clay. I have been working on a Tribal Necklace for next month’s Challenge of the Polymer Clay Artist’s Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE). I am going to use Nelson Mandela Turquoise in the necklace I submit as my entry in the competition next month.

In a few days I will be inviting you to vote for my entry for this month’s challenge, which is a pink Bottle of Hope, a gift for a cancer patient.

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When my daughter was in college she had a wonderful Chemistry teacher who gave a special award to any student who scored above 100 on an exam. The award inducted the student into the Royal Order of the Pink Flamingo.

I shared a photo of flamingos with my daughter yesterday on our private Pinterest board.


We got to emailing about the Royal Order of the Pink Flamingo.

Meanwhile I had been admiring some polymer clay beads I’d seen on Flickr which the artist called “Flamingo”. I’d already been studying photos of flamingos to see what colors I would use for MY flamingo necklace.

It became clear to me that I had to make a flamingo necklace for my daughter to commemorate her induction into the Royal Order of the Pink Flamingo so long ago.

This morning I sat down and composed a stack of flamingo-ey colors. I took three good slices from it and made the necklace and earrings below. I used a “feathery” texture stamp on the solid hot flamingo backing on the pieces.


This picture is a good one but it does not capture the sizzling, vibrant interplay between the colors I chose, which included Florescent Pink; Lively Medium Purple; Orange; Magenta Pearl and Candy Pink.

As I made my stack of colors, I began to think of the Damascus cane, a polymer clay technique adopted from a technique Japanese sword makers use. I had enough of the stack left after the slices you see above to do the cane. The technique involves twisting the stack three full turns. I made the beads and earrings below from the Damascus cane:


I still had trimmings from the original stack and the Damascus cane. I had made some gorgeous marbles last week from some flamingo-ey colors topped with my lacy white clay. I got the idea of mixing the bits of flamingo colors with lacy white clay. I made the pieces below:



I still had clay…it was starting to feel like Groundhog Day, the movie!

So I made six marbles for my patients and 18 Beads of Courage for the kids.

I am going to give all three sets of flamingo jewelry to my daughter tomorrow when we have lunch at a tapas bar. I am so proud of her.

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