Swirls, Black Holes, Hurricanes, Happy Rocks and Five Smooth Stones

black hole multi

Art Elements challenged us to create swirls.

This first one is a black hole pendant, designed to honor the life and work of Dr. Stephen Hawking. I like to think that he is soaring now, like he did in zero gravity for his 65th birthday.

hawking weightless

I created another black hole pendant to honor his wife, Dr. Jane Hawking, a truly noble woman.

black hole orange

Both pendants were created with polymer clay. Both have elements of my secret Opal Polymer Clay.

11 Eye-of-the-storm

Eye of the Storm uses a similar technique, using many different layers of polymer, translucent, pearl, opal and metallic. It is a paperweight.


This is a Happy Rock that I made for a friend, using more of my Opal Polymer Clay. I embossed the words HAPPY ROCK on the back of the rock.

five smooth rocks michael

The last is a set of FIVE SMOOTH ROCKS that I made for my brother who is facing a “giant”. I used my Opal Polymer Clay and metallic clays for these.

You can see the other “Swirls” inspired by this challenge at http://www.artelements.net

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I have been a working woman for over 40 years. I am also a serial crafter. Making Classic Jewelry is my primary focus at this time.

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  1. Susan, these are fabulous. The black hole pendants are truly inspired. If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be β€œThe Eye of the Storm.” Amazing work!

  2. Oh my goodness that Eye of the Storm is gorgeous, definitely my favourite. What a wonderful twist on this challenge to include Stephen Hawkings and his remarkable contribution to science. He is much missed!

  3. Lovely pieces and wonderful tributes are those black holes.
    The other pieces are beautiful, but the black holes are such a special thought and tribute!

  4. They all look wonderful and it is stunning what you can create using polymer clay! My personal favorite is “eye of the storm” with all the subtle layers of shades of grey and ivory, it looks really like storm clouds! πŸ™‚

  5. I agree with others that Eye of the Storm is visually my favorite – but I love that you added more depth to the challenges concept with the homage to Hawking. Sorry I was so late – I was on the retreat!

  6. These pendants are all amazingly beautiful, Susan! I was about to write that I totally adored the Eye of the Storm and I’ve seen the other comments and I smiled, it really is a gorgeous piece. Have a beautiful day!

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