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Healing and Empowerment for Women


Earrings Everyday,, has a challenge every month: to create earrings based on a visual prompt. Sometimes it is a photo, sometimes a painting, sometimes a drawing. This month’s prompt was a short animation film created by French film students. Just below find a collage of images from the enchanting film. (you can see the three minute film if you got to the above url.)


I chose the bottom left frame as my inspiration.

I saw the story as a metaphor for the girl’s own maturation, her own sprouting of wings that will allow her to fly away into her own life.

I wanted to create a clay that showed the tender pink in the frame, a metaphor for the girl’s innocence. I saw earrings that would be translucent. I mixed two shades of pink from some of my “opal” clay on hand (from another challenge, of course). I further diluted some of each pink with translucent clay. I mixed a little silver polymer clay into translucent clay for a fifth layer. I stacked the five clays, twisted them and put the swirled cane that resulted into my smallest goddess mold.

Taking a photo of the earrings was a challenge. I wanted to capture their translucency and also the ribbons of pink and silver. One of the many photos I took photo processed into an image that captured the translucency of the earrings.

Once I’d made the clay for the earrings above, I couldn’t stop. I made two more five-somes of clay, each set in a little deeper shade of pink.


I look forward to making earrings of these pairs. I have also started a “goddess tree” made from a 12″ earring tree my daughter gave me years ago. I am using my round nose pliers to make ornament hooks from Christmas tree ornament hooks. When it is “finished” I’ll post a photo.


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