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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Art Bead Scene has a monthly challenge based on a fine art painting.

This month’s painting is “The White Rose and the Red Rose” by Margaret Macdonald, a Scottish painter.

I was fascinated by the swirling lines representing roses in this painting. I kept flashing on a Pinterest pin I’d seen of a polymer clay cane that resembled Macdonald’s roses.

I found the cane and instructions to make it, which were in French. Between my high school French and Google translate, I figured it out.

I only make things I want to wear for this challenge, so made coral colored roses. I mixed some “opal secret sauce” into translucent clay and created the “rose” cane with white opaque clay for the “lines”. I diluted the leftover coral clay with more translucent to make the bead bases. I baked the beads and tumble-polished them with porcelain balls. As you can see, I strung them with pearls.

They look so much like salmon sushi that I had to call them Sushi Roses.

Here is the painting that fascinated me so:

The WhiteRose and the RedRose

You can see the challenge at


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I love a challenge!

Erin Prais-Hintz of issued an earring challenge based on her macro photographs of lichen. I was fascinated by this one of her photos:


I HAD to make earrings based on this photo!

I mixed up some of my opal clay (I’m in year two of my five year plan to make wonderful polymer opals) in a silver-turquoise-green and created these earrings.

My friend Jar Jar Binks has already bought them for his lady love.

p.s., I took the remainder of the silver-green clay and divided it into three portions. One I kept as is. I mixed one portion with silver and the other with pearl clay. Then I divided those two in half and mixed half of each with translucent clay. I layered the five colors and made the goddess you see below and 16 Beads of Courage for kids with cancer.



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