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Healing and Empowerment for Women

One day last year I found a micro-puddle in a stone step at the Fort Wort Japanese Garden. I felt like I could dive into it, into another universe. Here is a photo of it:


I have continued to look for and photograph micro-puddles. I found this one when leaving the Dallas Arboretum one day last spring:


I found this puddle last week in Eureka Springs, Arkansas when leaving Thorncrown Chapel:



I found this micro-puddle in a downtown sidewalk in Eureka Springs:



I visited a meditation center in Eureka Springs and got the next three photos:






This puddle was on a storm drain the morning after rain last week. It reflects buttermilk clouds:


I found this micro-puddle in a sidewalk near my house. The wide end of the puddle still holds part of the wood that shaped it:


My neighbor’s sprinklers don’t reach his boulders, so the yellow and black lichen on them is free to flourish:



This morning when I visited a sculpture garden nearby I was walking along a retaining wall made of huge limestone rectangles, in search of micro-puddles. In the dirt beside them I found a cement covered shovel with no handle. It was so camouflaged by its coating that I am sure it had lain there for years, unseen by maintenance. I laid the shovel on a limestone block and poured water into its bowl. You can see the dawn clouds reflected in the water.:



Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed my portraits of the micro-puddles that have fascinated me. Maybe one will transport you to a new world!




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