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Healing and Empowerment for Women



a homeless man

spoke of his years

of anger

and thoughts of mayhem

like yesterday’s shooter

he thanked me

for my kindness

and compassion

and for the meds

that afford him

the serene persuit

of happiness

(2007, after the Virginia Tech shooting)

On November 5, 2009 it was a bad day to be a psychiatrist. Another psychiatrist, an Army major, shot and killed 13 other soldiers and wounded 30 others. My friends at the Hot Springs Haiku Conference kept me in ignorance, but my daughter texted me about it.

Yesterday another soldier at the same base, Fort Hood, in Texas, shot three other soldiers and wounded 16 soldiers. A female MP confronted him and he turned the gun on himself.

I pray for peace and comfort for the people who are Fort Hood.

(The painting at the top is one of my enso, a Japanese brush painting done in one breath.)



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