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Art Bead Scene is sponsoring a blog hop featuring ornaments made with art beads.

I created this art bead from some leftover gingko clay in scarlet and bronze and some leftover “wood” clay in browns. I baked the polymer clay on a small appliance bulb, which allowed me to bend the ends of the gingko leaf up like little toes. I added a large carnelian bead on copper wire. I made my first ever hammered-copper-wire-anything for the matching copper hanger.

This was a stretch for me, which is, of course, why I chose to do it.

I wanted to share my favorite Christmas take-it-to-the-office (or a potluck) recipe: BROWN SUGAR SHORTBREAD.

It is the easiest recipe ever and your friends and co-workers will discover that they have a previously undiscovered, deep hunger for shortbread. This is a great recipe for a cakewalk at a school carnival, too. It will be the first cake to sell. I always put mine on a cake circle and wrapped it in a huge sheet of yellow cellophane, tying it with a bow on top.


4 cups flour

2 cups butter

1 cup brown sugar

Cream the butter until it is soft and white. Add the brown sugar and continue to cream until the mixture is all one color. Add the flour and beat until smooth.

How hard was that?

If you do not have an ornate shortbread mold, pack the dough into a cake pan. No need to grease with all of that butter in the recipe! Take a fork and prick the dough across one diagonal, in  a straight line. Now turn the pan 90 degrees and do the same. Now divide each of the quarters in half using the same technique.

If you have a mold, pack the shortbread into it.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes until lightly browned.

If you have used a cake pan, re-prick the shortbread along the lines you made, immediately upon removing from the oven. Cool ten minutes and turn out onto a cake rack to cool.

If you used a fancy mold, let the shortbread rest ten minutes after baking and then unmold onto a rack to cool.

Your friends and family will beg you to bring this for every occasion.

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