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Healing and Empowerment for Women


I got the most amazing news this morning.

If I log onto instead of, 0.5% of my purchase will go to the charity of my choice!

Of course I chose Beads of Courage!

Beads of Courage is a charity that provides beads to very sick kids for every needle stick, every X-ray, every procedure, every milestone in their treatment. The beads document the child’s courageous battle with their illness, sadly the illness is often cancer.

I MAKE Beads of Courage every week. Wednesday I made 46 of them. I put them in a punch bowl and when it is full, I ship them to the home office of Beads of Courage in Tucson. Here is a photo of the 8 pounds of Beads of Courage that I shipped last week:


I FREQUENTLY  make Beads of Courage.

I FREQUENTLY buy from Amazon.

I hate shopping and so I buy all of my shampoo, skin care products, office supplies, books, TV episodes and most of my craft supplies from Amazon.

I am thrilled that all of my purchases will generate a donation to Beads of Courage!

Sign up right now. Click here:

Amazon will know just who you are.

Select your charity. That’s all there is to it!

Every time you sign on to Amazon will send 0.5% of your purchase price to Beads of Courage or the charity you selected.

It only works if you type It won’t work if you just type

I’ve used a permanent marker to write on the frame of my computer screen. Once it is automatic for me to type, I’ll use some rubbing alcohol to remove the reminder.

Click now!




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