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One happy Thanksgiving Day I made my pie from a can of organic pumpkin. The hippie recipe on the can omitted sugar, a fact that I didn’t notice. I kept plunging a knife into the pie to test it for doneness, to no avail. Finally, sure that it was “done”, I took it out of the oven. When the pie cooled the knife cuts separated, forming a Pi: Pumpkin Pi.

I added extra sugar to my homemade whipped cream and all was well.

In the upper left corner of the placemat, you can see a glass salt cellar with five grains of corn in it. Here is a bigger photo of the dish:


The first year in this country the Pilgrims were STARVING. All they had for Thanksgiving dinner was five grains of corn apiece! My family has always commemorated this by putting five grains of popcorn in a little salt cellar at each place. We go around the table and each of us tells five things that we are grateful for.

One year I had so many guests that I put the corn grains on little circles of construction paper.

This year I will be dining at my daughter’s boyfriend’s home for Thanksgiving. He has picked up this gratitude custom and when it is my turn to tell my five gratefuls, you, my dear blog readers will be one of my gratefuls.

My daughter will be making her “Wicked Pumpkin Pie”; she adds double the spices. It is divine. She will, likely, remember to put in the sugar.


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