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Healing and Empowerment for Women


I visited the Rock Barrel in late morning in search of some peach pearls. I wanted to make a bracelet to match the multi strand pearl necklace I’d finished yesterday. I had enough pearls left over to make a great beginning to the bracelet.

After picking up my pearls I stopped at a Burger Street I visit about twice a year, for an Olive Burger. Over the last twenty years I’ve enjoyed Olive Burgers from that location. I always have parked under an tall cottonwood, rolled down the windows and listened to the music of the wind in the cottonwood.

Today, however, I found that there was a brand new driveway to a brand new gas station where my cottonwood had stood. Sigh. I found a spot to eat my Olive Burger. It was great. But I missed my cottonwood symphony!

Here is the necklace! I got lots of the high luster peach pearls on my recent trip to Santa Fe for Continuing Medical Education.


Here is a cottonwood haiku I wrote when I was in Santa Fe:

Abique autumn/ the goldenrod sings a duet/ with the cottonwood


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