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Healing and Empowerment for Women


I just got back from my 17th annual Haiku Hot Springs (Arkansas) meeting. I’ve only missed one, and I attended that one by sending in my presentation by VCR!

One of the talks this year was by my good friend, Christine Spindel. She spoke about her lifelong love affair with ferns.

Over dinner she challenged me to make polymer clay ferns. 

So I did! I made a fern fossil. I made irregular layers of opaque black clay, semi-translucent black clay and a shale colored (green-y black) clay. I rolled them together, made them flatter and cut and stacked them a few times. I impressed the top with a fern and trimmed away the edges with a flexible blade, imitating chisel marks. I brushed the top with pearl mica, then rubbed most of it away.

I am going to string it on a black cord and mail it to Christine. It will look wonderful with her snow white hair!


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