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I was honored to be chosen to participate in the 6th Do Over Challenge, sponsored by jewelry designer Jeannie Dukic.

Jeannie sent me these two unloved pieces, which she had designed some years back and which had never found forever homes.

My job was to use at least 50% of each of the pieces and redesign them into lovable pieces.

Here is what I did with the first one:


I used the gold chain, two of the red connectors and the back of one of the chain-themed buttons (the white front of it popped right off). I created gingko leaves from polymer clay to match the red connectors, shading from scarlet at the base to orange on the tips. I used bronze metallic clay for the edges of the gingkoes and the leaf veins. I made a small circle of matching red clay to cover the center of the chain-button. Its openwork made it easy to connect with the red connectors and the gingko leaf. I also created matching earrings.

Here is what I did with the second one:


I am crazy about gingkoes, as you may have detected. I created gingko leaves from polymer clay shading from ice blue at the base to ultramarine at the tips. I used silver metallic clay for the edges and leaf veins. I used the open part of the old clasp as a connector between the silver-toned chain and the gingko. I also made matching earrings.

I am pleased with what I learned from the challenge and grateful for the opportunity to participate.

Please blog hop over to Jeannie’s own post about her participation in the challenge. At the bottom of her post you can hop over to all of the other participant’s posts about their re-creations.


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