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My fellow Polymer Clay Artists in the Polymer Clay Artist’s Guild of Etsy have honored my work by awarding me Second Place in the Guild Members voting on our Forest Challenge this month.

I am so humbled by their votes.

I actually tied for second with the great polymer clay artist Jill Kollmann.

It means a lot to me to be selected by my fellow artists! Thanks to all of them.

There was some VERY stiff competition this month!

I’ve just posted my entry for the challenge that will finish in early November. The theme for next time is “Salt and Pepper”. I thought immediately of my  grandmother’s cut crystal salt cellars. Each had its own tiny silver spoon with Grandmother’s initial engraved on it. I created a salt cellar and a pepper cellar, and made matching spoons for them. I hope you like them. I hope my fellow artist like them, too.

I’ll be asking you to vote for the salt and pepper cellars in early November!


My Dad was a medical photographer. He told me that the true test of a photographer was whether she could photograph canned spinach on a white plate. Well, photographing these two together was quite a challenge! The salt cellar was all translucent clay with bits of white. The pepper cellar had three shades of dark brown and bits of white. I tried SIX different backgrounds before I was able to make this photo. I had to settle for a great shot of the salt cellar and an OK shot of the pepper cellar.

I wish Dad were here still to help me with the photography!


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