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Each month we create art beads inspired by a painting. This month the challenge was very specific. We were to create beads inspired by not only the painting itself, but by the subtle colors of the painting. Here is the painting and Tari’s (of Clay Buttons) rendering of the colors:

oct 2013 - owl-on-ginkgo-branch-scops-owl-under-crescent-moon palette copy

Most of the other artists are trained artists. You can see that Tari of Clay Buttons is!

The painting is “Owl on a Gingko Branch” by Ohara Koson.

You might know that I am a haiku poet and am fond of many things Japanese. You may also know that I am crazy about Gingko leaves.

So my beads had to be Gingko leaves. I created a Skinner blend of two shades of olive. I wrapped each section of each leaf in silver, in keeping with all of the grays (I always wrap the individual parts of my gingko leaves in metallic clay.)

I had a blast making these. The pearls on the pieces are olive, too.



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