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Healing and Empowerment for Women


Last year 26,000 of our military personnel were victims of soldier-on-soldier rape.

Half were men; half were women.

Soldier-on-soldier rape undermines the honor of the military.

Soldier-on-soldier rape undermines the loyalty of the military.

Soldier-on-soldier rape undermines the courage of the military.

What could be more cowardly than a soldier raping another soldier? The perpetrators of these crimes become cowards.

These rapes threaten the trust and discipline that make the military strong.

I all these crimes TREASON.

If the chain of command punishes the victim, which sadly happens in more than half of the reported cases, I call that TREASON, too.

The patriots who are the victims of military-on-military rape undergo a shattering of their bodies, their minds and their souls. These patriot-survivors will never be the same.

I have the privilege of knowing a PATRIOT who was raped at one of the service academies. I have followed the shattering of her incredible strength and potential as a result of the crimes committed against her. She is healing now. I pray that her healing become complete.

I have had the privilege of knowing her parents. I have witnessed the shattering of the emotions and souls of her folks as a result of the crimes committed against their daughter. I have witnessed their anguish as they have watched their daughter’s shattering and slow recovery, which continues.

The parents are secondary victims of the treason committed against their daughter.

ESPN did a great expose of these issues. You can watch the 18 minute segment here:

The segment tells the story of two women, one a Sailor, one a Marine, who were raped by fellow military. Shockingly, it was the two victims who were punished, not their attackers!

I call punishing the victims treason also.


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