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Monthly Archives: October 2013


I was honored to be chosen to participate in the 6th Do Over Challenge, sponsored by jewelry designer Jeannie Dukic.

Jeannie sent me these two unloved pieces, which she had designed some years back and which had never found forever homes.

My job was to use at least 50% of each of the pieces and redesign them into lovable pieces.

Here is what I did with the first one:


I used the gold chain, two of the red connectors and the back of one of the chain-themed buttons (the white front of it popped right off). I created gingko leaves from polymer clay to match the red connectors, shading from scarlet at the base to orange on the tips. I used bronze metallic clay for the edges of the gingkoes and the leaf veins. I made a small circle of matching red clay to cover the center of the chain-button. Its openwork made it easy to connect with the red connectors and the gingko leaf. I also created matching earrings.

Here is what I did with the second one:


I am crazy about gingkoes, as you may have detected. I created gingko leaves from polymer clay shading from ice blue at the base to ultramarine at the tips. I used silver metallic clay for the edges and leaf veins. I used the open part of the old clasp as a connector between the silver-toned chain and the gingko. I also made matching earrings.

I am pleased with what I learned from the challenge and grateful for the opportunity to participate.

Please blog hop over to Jeannie’s own post about her participation in the challenge. At the bottom of her post you can hop over to all of the other participant’s posts about their re-creations.


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One of my favorite Gingko Pendants and earrings was just Treasured by Lisa Rapp on Etsy.

You can see the Treasury, Falling Leaves, here:

I wore my own blazing red set of these in Santa Fe last week and people in my conference workshop and shop owners had a fit over them. I love to wear them on Pentecost, too.

You can see the Etsy listing for my pendant and earrings here. The price goes up from $49 to $59 this Friday!

Lisa, a talented polymer clay artist, is also an excellent seamstress. Check out the purse she made of heavy decorator fabric, embellished with polymer buttons and a polymer zipper pull. Lisa’s purse has pockets for everything you need. See it here:

It is finally fall here in Texas and I am so grateful!

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I learned tonight that polymer clay artist extraordinaire, Lisa Rapp, had included one of my Nelson Mandela Turquoise pendants in her latest Etsy Treasury.

I created Nelson Mandela Turquoise to honor the life and work of Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa. I made the faux turquoise in the colors of the South African flag, which signify unity. I used opaque and metallic polymer clay to make it.

Lisa Rapp is an amazing, versatile polymer clay artist. You can see her work at:

Check out the items in the top row. Three of them have placed in the Polymer Clay Artists of Etsy Challenges.

Lisa’s Treasury, “Feels Like Fall”, can be seen here:

Lisa has gathered together sixteen Etsy items that evoke the feeling of fall.

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My fellow Polymer Clay Artists in the Polymer Clay Artist’s Guild of Etsy have honored my work by awarding me Second Place in the Guild Members voting on our Forest Challenge this month.

I am so humbled by their votes.

I actually tied for second with the great polymer clay artist Jill Kollmann.

It means a lot to me to be selected by my fellow artists! Thanks to all of them.

There was some VERY stiff competition this month!

I’ve just posted my entry for the challenge that will finish in early November. The theme for next time is “Salt and Pepper”. I thought immediately of my  grandmother’s cut crystal salt cellars. Each had its own tiny silver spoon with Grandmother’s initial engraved on it. I created a salt cellar and a pepper cellar, and made matching spoons for them. I hope you like them. I hope my fellow artist like them, too.

I’ll be asking you to vote for the salt and pepper cellars in early November!


My Dad was a medical photographer. He told me that the true test of a photographer was whether she could photograph canned spinach on a white plate. Well, photographing these two together was quite a challenge! The salt cellar was all translucent clay with bits of white. The pepper cellar had three shades of dark brown and bits of white. I tried SIX different backgrounds before I was able to make this photo. I had to settle for a great shot of the salt cellar and an OK shot of the pepper cellar.

I wish Dad were here still to help me with the photography!

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This year, I am honored to be participating in a Beads of Courage Fundraiser.

Bead artists like myself have made 11 Art Charms. One will be auctioned to raise money for Beads of Courage, an organization that provides seriously ill children with a bead to document every step of their courageous fights against their disease.

The other ten beads will be distributed to contributing artists.

We artists are all sharing our private angst on a members-only Facebook page.

November 15 is the date of the big “reveal”. On that day I will show you the charms I made, photographed on the Japanese brush painting (“enso”) I made that you see above.

The theme for the charms this year is “Love”.

Watch this space for our blog hop and the link to the auction that will raise money for the kids.

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IMG_1507 IMG_1509

Last spring I accepted the challenge of Jeannie Dukic to re-do a piece of jewelry that she’d make earlier in her career. The pieces in the challenge had never found a home.

I experienced re-doing of what she sent me as a real challenge.

This time I asked for two unloved pieces.

I will be re-doing them. Later this month, during the “reveal” bloghop, I will show you what I did with these.

Both pose big challenges.

Watch this space!


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Each month we create art beads inspired by a painting. This month the challenge was very specific. We were to create beads inspired by not only the painting itself, but by the subtle colors of the painting. Here is the painting and Tari’s (of Clay Buttons) rendering of the colors:

oct 2013 - owl-on-ginkgo-branch-scops-owl-under-crescent-moon palette copy

Most of the other artists are trained artists. You can see that Tari of Clay Buttons is!

The painting is “Owl on a Gingko Branch” by Ohara Koson.

You might know that I am a haiku poet and am fond of many things Japanese. You may also know that I am crazy about Gingko leaves.

So my beads had to be Gingko leaves. I created a Skinner blend of two shades of olive. I wrapped each section of each leaf in silver, in keeping with all of the grays (I always wrap the individual parts of my gingko leaves in metallic clay.)

I had a blast making these. The pearls on the pieces are olive, too.


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