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Healing and Empowerment for Women


My punchbowl runneth over. I have made another seven pounds of Beads of Courage to send into the Tucson office. (400 beads)

Beads of Courage are presented to very sick kids in 60 hospitals across the US every time they have a needle stick or an x-ray or another procedure. The beads serve as a record of their courageous journey.

I make them from my scrap polymer clay at the end of every clay day.

It is a privilege to serve these kids as they struggle courageously against life-threatening illness, often cancer, but many other conditions as well.

If you make beads, I hope you will visit and learn how you may serve these precious kids as well.

If you scroll down on this blog you can find a free tutorial on how I use scrap clay to make my beads.


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