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Healing and Empowerment for Women


Yesterday was my first craft show.

I’d picked a one-day craft show at a church for getting my fee wet. It turned out to be a wise and wonderful path. The church, All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington, TX, was warm and welcoming. The helpers wore huge “Ask Me” badges and huge smiles to match. So many were “encouragers”. One woman, a peppy high school coach who runs marathons, said the most amazing thing to me. When I asked her for another chair for my daughter, she said, “I’d be blessed to get one for you.” How cool is that?

My first sale was to another teacher, this one a veteran of 40 years in the classroom and still loving it. She bought TWO of my higher-end pendant/earring sets!


She fell in love with my verdigris and copper pendant with pearl drops.


She also fell in love with my wasabi/navy gingko and its earrings.

What happened next was magical. My daughter had shopped the whole craft fair, wearing one of my other gingko pendants. She came back and told me that all of the vendors were crazy about it. (NOTE TO SELF: Next time send her around with business cards…)  Vendors began to appear at my table, saying that they had to come and see my work. They all said the same thing: “You are an ARTIST!” I cannot convey how wonderful it was to hear that from other artists!

Soon another vendor bought another one of my gingkoes.

Then a vendor bought Rivendell for her daughter who had come by five times to admire it.

Then a vendor bought two pendants. She’d wanted Rivendell but waited too long. So she bought the gingko pendant right off of my daughter’s neck and commissioned me to make another version of Rivendell.

Another vendor kept coming by and touching another pendant/earring set. She liked that it had some glow-in-the-dark clay (I will mention that she kept an Elvis dollar bill in her cashbox, a delightfully wacky woman).


She said she’d come back for it if she made enough to cover it. I gave her one of my 10% discount-if-you-come-back-cards. People kept coming up and fingering “her” pendant. She’d call out to me every time she made a sale how much she had. Finally, seeing someone else very interested in “her” pendant, I walked over and said she could have it for what she’d earned, which, by then, was within $2 of the discounted price. She was thrilled. She came right over and I strung it on some “bug tail” (thin “rat tail”) and she put it right on.

It was exciting and a bit exhausting. I was so glad I chose a church fair for my first one, the helpers and the customers were so very nice.

I learned to send my daughter around with business cards while wearing my jewelry.

I learned to use a 10% discount card if my customer says, “I’ll be back.”

I also learned, glory be, that other artists recognize me as a true artist!


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