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Healing and Empowerment for Women


After weeks and weeks of dry we have had 12 hours of gentle, abundant rain.

And I am grateful.

Last night as I walked at sundown the sky was partly clouded. A single raindrop hit my arm, and I took hope.

When I got home I turned on the hose and washed the spiderwebs off of the garage door, watching the water fall and imagining rain.

By 9 the rain had come.

This morning I walked in the rain. I put my hoodless cycling jacket on so I could feel the rain on my head. I gave thanks with every step. It was wonderful to see rain on the sidewalk, rain in puddles and rain splashing in the curb streams.

The last two times it rained I had also hosed off the spiderwebs on the house, the first time in the back yard and, before a later rain, around the front door. Each time I imagined that the water I was seeing was rain.

Agnes Sanford, a powerful woman of prayer, said that when we imagine the result we are praying for, that it creates a container for God to fill.

I have plans to keep that hose at the ready. We are still in a drought and we need more rain to break it.


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