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I just got the most wonderful email from Lisa of the Etsy shop HiGirls!.

“You’ve Been Treasured,” she said.

Lisa has just created an Etsy Treasury, “What’s New?”, containing my Plum Blossoms Necklace.

I created Plum Blossoms with translucent polymer clay. I filled the center of the beads with plum colored clay, which shines through the “lenses” on the surface of the beads.

Here is Lisa’s Etsy Treasury:

You can visit Lisa’s Etsy shop, which contains Bags, Jewelry and Items for the Home at:

Lisa has won several top prizes in the Polymer Clay Artist’s Guild of Etsy monthly Challenges. You can see two of her prize winning teapots in the top row of her shop.

You can find Plum Blossoms on my Etsy shop at



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