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Healing and Empowerment for Women


This month’s Art Bead Scene Challenge was to create one or more art beads inspired by the mural “Autumn” which was part of Alphonse Mucha‘s Seasons Series.

Native peoples the world over harvest acorns in fall and place the acorns in baskets in a stream, to rinse out the tannins. The rinsed, dried acorns are then ground into flour.

I saw an heirloom ivory acorn pendant on Pinterest and decided to create this, much simpler, version of that pendant in polymer clay.

Faux Ivory is made by creating an ivory colored clay, then layering it with translucent clay. I chose to use the unbleached Premo translucent, which cures with a pale golden tint, to push the yellow tones in the finished piece.

I made my layers, cut and stacked them and then rolled them thinner and thinner, repeating the cutting and stacking until I got the spacing of layers that I liked.

You can see the Challenge and the painting that was my inspiration at

I am coming to love these challenges. I learn and grow so much with each one.


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