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If you didn’t know that I was a nerd with three science degrees, this post will convince you!

I just added some wonderful science inspired items to my Etsy shop

Above is the first, Fossilized Dinosaur Bone with its minerals replaced by Pyrite. When I first saw a cabochon of the real thing I knew I had to make this! Metallic polymer clay, custom mixed color and opaque clay.


This pendant is my interpretation of Lapis Lazuli. I mixed seven blue clays and one translucent one, with dozens of tiny white layers. If you hold it up to the light you can see right through the white/ translucent vein.


I saw another cabochon of Native Silver with Azurite inclusions. I had to make it. I mixed three kinds of blue clay, one pearl, into my silver clay. I manipulated the mica particles in the silver clay to give this shimmer which dances when you move.


This one is amazing. I can’t stop playing with it when I have it on a chain. I made a cabochon of the Native Silver with Azurite and laid it on a sheet of silver clay whose mica particles I’d manipulated in a different way. The lines shift and dance when you move it, just like those “tilt cards” from Cracker Jacks.


This one is my interpretation of the mineral Sodalite. I cut a window in the domed pendant and hung Grade A Freshwater Pearls from it. You can see right through the white/translucent layered veins.


Here is one of my Lava Tube pendants. I made the lava from ten shades of reddish translucent clay to portray the thermoclines in the lava flowing through a lava tube to the sea. The cooled lava that forms the tube is made from three colors of metallic clay. The lava passes light, as does the matrix, though it passes light faintly. You can see three more in this vein, or tube, in my Etsy shop.


This one is my first try at Tiger’s Eye. I made the flower from the same clay.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my new pendants. I totally enjoyed making them!




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