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Healing and Empowerment for Women


There were six Susans in my senior English class! My best friend Sue T. was one of them. We were inseparable. Teachers would say, “Hi, Susans” to the two of us.

Folks began to call her Sooty, for Sue T.

Sooty is one of those wonderful friends for life. I decided to make her a Sooty Owl pendant and the photo above is what I came up with. I am going to mail it to her tomorrow.

I have been busy this week with my clay. I gathered twigs and bark and made casts of them so that I can mold clay into twigs and bark.

The twig the Sooty Owl is on is made from one of my new molds.

The clay featured in the rectangular part of the pendant is some of my new Fossilized Dinosaur Bone with Pyrite.

I fell in love with a picture of pyrite-ized dinosaur bone and I had to make it. I mixed two metallic clays to get the look of pyrite, fool’s gold.

I also made some buffing pads this week for my Dremel from quilt weight white cotton. I polished the pendant with my new buffing pads.

Here is a real Sooty Owl:

Lesser Sooty Owl (Tyto multipunctata) at Bonad...

Lesser Sooty Owl (Tyto multipunctata) at Bonadio’s Mabi Wildlife Reserve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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