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Healing and Empowerment for Women


I made this pendant in response to a challenge from Polyform, the maker of the polymer clay that I use almost exclusively, Premo Sculpey. The theme was “Rose Gold”.

I used a fascinating technique called mica shift to make this pendant. The shine in metallic and pearl clays is from particles of a mineral, mica. When you roll the mica-ed clay through the pasta machine repeatedly, the shiny side of the mica lines up with the two exterior surfaces of the sheet of clay, leaving the dark, unshiny side of the particles “inside” the clay. I used a special blade to cut through the slab of rolled clay, then put the slice through the pasta machine again. The impression of the blade stayed on the surface, even though it was now shiny-flat. Some call this effect “ghost shift”.

I finished the pendant with apricot pearls on tiny chains.


I made a second pendant, a simple, classic oval, using a different blade. Again it has the illusion of great depth, while being perfectly flat and polished to a glassy finish.

Did I mention that I love polymer clay?


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