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At the end of May I bought a pedometer called the Fitbit One. My daughter had showed me hers and it was amazing. My Fitbit came on the eve of our trip to DC. I put it on a chain around my neck and have been wearing it ever since anytime I am up and around.

I love the thing. It never criticizes me, it just tells me the good I’ve done. It tracks my steps, my flights of stairs, miles walked and calories burned. It also sends me emails. I get a weekly report and an email for major milestones. Two weeks ago I got an email that I’d walked a total of 50 miles. My daughter’s BF just got an email that his lifetime flights of stairs would reach up to where airplanes fly (30,000 feet.) It gives me a badge for every day of 5,000 steps, and one for 10, 000 steps (I only have one of those, the day my daughter and I went to the National Zoo.) When I was in DC and climbing the steps to those museums I got a badge for ten flights of steps. It allows me to track my weight, too.

Before getting my Fitbit, I would make a pile of things that needed to be carried to another room to conserve steps. No more. Now I make a trip for each item. When I put away laundry I make as many trips to the closet to put things away as I can. More steps!

Tonight, just before dark, I noticed that I had 2800 steps for the day. I slipped on my sandals and walked into the sunset, to the corner and back. Now I have 3300 steps for today.

I’ve lost three pounds since getting my Fitbit. I think it is the accountability that it offers me.

I love my Fitbit.

I got it from Amazon.


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