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I have continued my exploration of using Polymer Clay to create faux minerals.

Over the holiday weekend I created five Boulder Opal pendants. The blue and green opal is translucent (passes light).

Opal forms in cracks and seams in rock, hence the name Boulder Opal. The surrounding rock is referred to as matrix.

I created the blue and green opal with translucent clay and mixed three kinds of shiny glitter into the blue.

The matrix, representing the rock the opal formed in, is made of a rusty-colored opaque clay and three metallic clays.

Some Polymer Clay artists use thin veneers of the clay they create. I prefer to cut my pendants from a thick slab of the clay. Thus the pattern runs right through it. The back is as beautiful as the front. In this piece, the green opal is more prominent on the back.


I wore this pendant to work today. I am very pleased with it.


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