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Healing and Empowerment for Women


When my daughter was away at college I sent her a letter every single day. I always included an item from our shared past in the envelopes.

I had taped movie stubs, fortune cookie pronouncements, tags from when her car was repaired, programs from her schools into the family calendar for years. I also had a huge box of her school drawings and papers.

Each day when I wrote I’d include one or more of these items. I’d also include a photo, a cartoonI thought or an article or photo from the paper that might interest her. You can see the pig snouts peeking out of a stock truck in the photo above.

As a haiku poet, I’d also sometimes include one or more of my haiku, especially ones of scenes we’d shared or ones that were actually about her.

I reverse scrapbooked again this week. I’d saved the tickets from the Butterfly exhibit at Natural History, the IMAX ticket and the ticket to the International Spy Museum. I mailed them to her in a card as a memento of our trip.

BTW, she has kept every single letter I sent her. They are in her old room here and they fill a laundry basket.


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