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Healing and Empowerment for Women


Just when the temperatures here in Texas approach 100, just when all of the tender plants begin to burn up, the glory of crepe myrtles begins.

All through my town crepe myrtles are a riot of color. Hot pink, magenta, maroon, soft pink and lavender crepe myrtles line the medians and trumpet their joy.

The ones in my front yard are deepest pink.

The ones in my back yard are white, as you can see. When I pull out of the garage, while waiting  for the garage door to close, I am greeted with  a pendant branch of one of my back yard crepe myrtles, right by my window. If I lower the window I can smell a light perfume from the flowers.

I am so grateful for all of the crepe myrtles. As we enter REALLY HOT summer, the crepe myrtles will bloom until fall. They will delight and sustain me through the long hot summer.


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