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I have continued my polymer clay adventures, increasing my skills at every turn.

When on my recent trip to DC I imagined creating some glow-in-the-dark themed pieces organized around the bioluminescent, one-celled plankton, Noctiluca scintillans. While staring out the window of the Metro I dreamed of how to create the scintillons, the organelles that allow the organism to flash when a wave disturbs it. When I got home I made an interpretation of it, but the reveal will have to await a bit more design work on the componants I created. I will admit that when I turn off the lights in my clay space most of the table lights up with the unassembled items of Noctiluca. Watch this space.

You may know that I have three degrees in science: a BS in Chemistry; a MS in Human Physiology and a MD. Science is what I live and breathe. That and my faith.

I sense that my polymer clay work is moving toward depictions of Nature, including microscopic nature.

I love pearls. I decided to make a polymer cane that portrayed the formation of pearls. The oyster secretes a complex of proteins and creates little tiles of calcium carbonate;  it assembles these into pearls.

My first “pancake” cane was in golds and browns and did NOT work out. The baked items went into the trash, like the first pancake does. I did turn most of the beautiful brown and gold clay into disks which I have polished and am ready to turn into a necklace. Watch this space.

Frustrated, I used colors similar to the ones polymer clay genius Melanie West used in one of her award-winning pieces. I bent slices of my cane into two half circles and baked it on the surface of an old floodlight to dome it a little. Later, after polishing it, I created my signature armature and hung pearls on chains, which travel from the back of the pendant through the window in it to hang down its front. I used oval pearls to echo the droplets of “pearlstuff” making its way to the surface to be transformed into pearls.

I wore it yesterday to church, to Prayer Ministry and to a Greek dinner with my daughter.


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