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Healing and Empowerment for Women


In a recent post I mentioned studying Alice Stroppel’s innovative technique for using scrap clay, cane ends and old canes to build beautiful new canes.

I harvested the trimmings from my Cherry Blossom necklace to make the pink necklace and earrings, above. I used pale Premo “18K Gold” sheets to put my scraps on, instead of the black that Alice uses. The clay trimmings were all translucent and I wanted this pendant and earrings to pass light freely. I used some apricot freshwater pearls to push the pinky-orange theme. I built a tiny armature inside of the pendant to hold the pearls.

I made the blue necklace from the trimmings of my barflies, using blue clay sheets. The wing cane put bubbles of white-rimmed translucent clay all through the new cane. That inspired me to use oval pearls to echo the translucent ovals in the cane.

I am tickled at how they turned out.


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