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Healing and Empowerment for Women


I’ve continued to make a few new “barflies” every evening.

These are the ones I have made so far. I am making an extra of each one for a gift.

I ordered the eye pins that will let me attach them to the memory wire that will complete them as drink markers today.

In the upper left corner you can see the wing cane I made. Next to it, it is tiny, is the eye cane for the bug eyes.

This has been a blast. I grin the whole time I make these. I made six more Beads of Courage with the scraps from todays barfly-a-thon.

BTW, I just got an email from Beads of Courage. They received my beads today and all 415 of them are OK to be given to kids. Yes! I admit I was a little worried.


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