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Healing and Empowerment for Women


I was claying today during some downtime. I decided to make some “Barflies”, drink markers.

I got 12 barflies and nine Beads of Courage from my efforts. Here’s how I used my scraps:


I rolled my bigger scraps into a sheet.


Then I laid all of my other scraps onto the sheet.

Then I rolled them with my brayer to squeeze out air pockets.


I cut it in half and stacked it. I put the plain sheets against one another in the middle. If you don’t, the beads become dominated by the color of the sheet.


I cut it in half again and stacked it.

Then I cut it into nine (9)  3/4″ cubes.

When I am ready to roll my cube into a bead I examine the top and bottom. If one color predominates I pinch the corners of the cube and push the pinched clay onto the top. I do the same if there is a boring area on one corner of the bead.

I rolled the beads and pierced them. Then into the oven.

Yesterday I mailed off 7 pounds of Beads of Courage to their office in Tucson. A lot of those beads came from scrap clay.

Visit to find out how you can participate in making Beads of Courage for kids with cancer.

I slightly modified the technique from Alice Stroppel’s great video:


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